6 Incredible Types of Concert Venues You Can Book for Your Next Concert
concert venues

Concert venues are always fun event venues to check out. Are you looking for a place for your band to perform? Here are 6 types of concert venues to check out.

What is a Music Venue

Concert Venue

A music venue is simply a location where a group of people can play music. This could be a jazz club, a concert, or someone who simply want to have live music at a party. This location will typically need to be zone for live music and be set up for live music. If you are looking to have an event with a band, karaoke, or anything like that, here are some great venues for you to check out.

Six Different Types of Concert Venues

1. Club

Playing a concert in an old club is a great option for a band. There is nothing like an old jazz club where you can have your band perform. This is a great spot if you are looking at having a small concert or a birthday party of some sort. This is also a great option for an up and coming star looking for a show with about 50 to 100 people.

Concert Venue

2. Bar

Do you have a favorite bar you like to frequent? It may be worth asking them if they allow live music. Many times bars will have an open mic night so there is room for a stage. Your band could perform there on an off night or something like that. A bar also will already have bartenders and typically some kind of food for your guests.

3. Theater

A theater is a great spot for a band to play if their performance is more like a show. This would be something you could sell tickets for and invite many guests to come. There are some theaters that will hold a small amount of people and others that hold a greater number of guests.

4. In a Field

Many bands have hosted their events in a field. This could be literally just playing acoustic in a field or setting up an entire stage and sound system to have an entire show. If you are looking to do this, you will still have to pay for permits and have permission to play on someone's land.

5. Arena

And arena type of concert venue is going to be for bands who need much more space. Arenas typically house thousands of people so these venues are for more popular artists who can fill a large space.

6. Online

Another creative option for a concert venue is to stream your concert. This could be a stand alone option or connected to a live concert venue. Online options allow for people to see your group even if they are unable to come in person. There are so many options to stream on such as youtube, twitch, facebook, or Instagram.

We hope you found some great venues to check out for your next concert venue. Here is another good article to check out if you are coordinating a concert soon. Happy planning!

Concert Venues

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How early do you need to book a concert venue?
As for any event, the best option is to book your event as early as you can. The earlier you book the better prices and more availability there will be.

Q: Do most venues have all the speakers and sound needed for a concert?
Do not assume your venue has anything. Ask your venue what is provided with your contract. If there is something they don't provide, make sure to bring it.