Need a place for a filming & photoshoot in LA?

Brickroom LA is an incredible choice for all your filming and photography needs. The eclectic vibe and feel of Brickroom LA brings a vintage feel to any of your filming needs. True to its name, there are several brick walls where shooting can be done. Whether you are a filming scout looking for a place to shoot the next big Hollywood film or you are an up and coming photographer, Brickroom LA offers many different locations to shoot. Some of these areas include a well-lit stage, a dance floor, VIP seating, Welcome Area, a fun and funky stairway, and several blank backdrops. Request a quote today!

Brickroom LA is the perfect venue for all your filming and photography needs.

Why Choose Our Filming & Photoshoot Venue Rental?

Whether you are looking for a unique filming location to rent for a few hours or a few days for featured film production or photoshoot, Brickroom LA has the perfect studio space for short films, movies, commercials, and fashion and product shoots. Our filming & photoshoot locations offer the best quality of lighting and production. The benefits of booking our filming and photo shoot location include getting to pick the ideal turn-key location for your production and helping you save money on set building. Our location is available for filming and offers to turn key solutions for your next project. Cleaning, staffing, and site management are offered by the venue so you can focus on making the best out of your next production!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the advantages of using filming & photoshoot venues for a photoshoot?

A. A filming & photoshoot venue can be a great option. The venue will provide the props and set up, which may not be available to the photographer. There are also many different styles of venues that will give different looks to your photos, depending on what you are going for.

Q. Can I use a photoshoot venue for any kind of event or just for a photoshoot?

A. Event venues are often used for a variety of purposes. If you want to host your event at a photoshoot venue, you can check with the venue owners to see if the venue will be able to accommodate your event.

Q. Are professional photos better taken at a filming & photoshoot venue?

A. The venue where the filming or photoshoot takes place has a huge impact on the final project. Finding and booking the perfect venue for your photoshoot will allow you to create the right ambiance for your project and the theme of your filming and shoot.