3 Tips On How Event Spaces Can Transform Your Branding Events
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Branding Events can be great for your business! Here are 3 tips on how event spaces can transform your next branding event.

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Tip #1: Create an Immersive Brand Experiences in Your Event Space

Whether you are launching a new product or starting a new business, getting your brand out into the world is important. Did you know you can use an event space to throw an amazing event where your brand is fully integrated through the whole thing? We have seen amazing events where a brand takes off because of the creative immersive experience.

How do you make an immersive experience for your brand? From start to finish, you can add your brand to simply everything at any venue. Some venues will have more rules on what you can and can't do, but there is potential in every spot. Here are some ideas to help you integrate your brand throughout a space.

  • Utilize the Venue's Resources (Screens and TVs)
  • Purchase a Bogo Light to Shine your Brand on the Wall, Floor, or Ceiling
  • Project Videos or your Logo on the Wall with a Projector
  • Utilize Social Media for Interactive Pics to be seen in the venue
  • Print Out Materials with Your Logo
  • Put your Logo on the food!
  • Get people to take pictures and tag you!

Tip #2: Collaborate with Event Rental Experts for Branding Success

You know your brand, but the venue staff know their building. Don't neglect their advice and wisdom! While some staff at a location may only offer the rules. Some staff will give you great ideas for your branding events! Most venues have probably hosted hundreds of events! Ask questions about what past clients have done in the space. You may receive some amazing ideas!

Don't forget to ask the event staff for any and all extra things that are included in the venue. Sometimes the staff will have some things 'in the back' that are not included online or at first glance. These things could include items that were left by former clients. These items could include shelving, pipe and drape, bubble machines, photo booths, and more!

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Tip #3: Effectiveness of Branded Events in Event Spaces

There are many benefits of hosting a branding event! Here are three great reasons!

Raise Awareness at Branding Events

If you are hosting a branding event, you will raise awareness about your product, company, or business. By default, more people will hear about it and be inclined to look what it is. If you are looking to have more people know about what you are doing, consider hosting a branding event.

Gain More Followers

When you host any type of branding event, there is potential to gain more followers. You are looking to build up outrageous and committed fans; however, that is not always the case. Hopefully, at an event like this, you will gain more social media followers, but you will even gain more clients!

Create Momentum!

On top of all these great benefits, you will also create a ton of momentum for your company. If done well, you will leave the night feeling excited for your product. Your staff and team will be excited for the future and looking ahead to all the benefits that have been recently gained. Branding events can be such a huge momentum builder for your company.

We hope this article helps you for your branding events in the future! Here is another great article to give you some advice. Happy planning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What furniture is provided at Brickroom LA?
Our venue provides a variety of options when it comes to furniture. Couches, chairs, bistro tables, and round tables are all included. At any venue, it is crucial to ask what furniture is available before committing to that spot.

Q: Where is a good location in Los Angeles for my next event?
This will depend on where most of your guests are coming from. Choosing a central spot is always the best option especially with traffic. Brickroom LA is located in Mid Wilshire and is in the heart of the city. It is a great spot for people to get to.