4 Benefits Of Renting A Venue For a Birthday Party
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Birthday party coming up soon? Is your birthday right around the corner? Here are four benefits of renting a venue for your birthday party, instead of celebrating at home.

Why is it important to celebrate your birthday?

Why is it important to celebrate your birthday?

If you don't want to celebrate your birthday party, don't feel any pressure. However, why miss an opportunity to celebrate YOU?! You worked hard this year and have made it another lap around the sun! Take some time to remember all the good times and even reflect on the harder times. Especially if it's a big-digit number, make sure to take some time to celebrate.

Benefits of Renting a Venue for your Birthday Party

If you are going to throw a big birthday bash, there are many benefits of renting a private venue for your party. Here are a couple of reasons that we thought might benefit you.

#1. A Beautiful Location.

Most event venues, especially event venues in Los Angeles, are beautiful! If you are looking for an indoor venue for your party, you will find so many great options! Depending on your budget for the party, you can find a variety of different rentals where you live. Whether you are looking for a unique venue rental or a downtown vibe, jump online and search for 'venues near me.'

Awesome venues to celebrate your birthday

By renting a venue, you are creating an instant atmosphere for your friends and family. Most venues require very little decoration as the building itself is enough. Here are some great venues in or near Los Angeles.

  • Brickroom LA (that's us!)
  • Ovation Square
  • 2101 Gallery
  • Eden Sunset
  • Candela La Brea

#2: Avoid the Clean Up at your birthday party!

One great reason to book your birthday party at an event venue is that you avoid all the cleanup! Who wants to take out all that extra trash and clean up after guests? Not you! When you host your party (or your child's party) at a rental space, you can walk out after the event and not worry about dirty dishes, sticky floors, and broken household items.

Avoid the Clean Up at your birthday party!

#3: More Space for Your Party.

Another great reason to rent an event venue for your birthday party is that you will have space! We know you have many friends and family members who want to celebrate your big day! If you are celebrating the big 30, the big 40, or any big number, there will be many people who would love to come. Host your party in a space that is big enough for all your guests!

Depending on the amount of people invited to your event will decide how big a space you will need to rent. Party space rentals in Los Angeles or in any big city can be found online with a simple Google search.

Space for Your Party.

#4: Possible Consulting

Finally, when you are working with an event space, their team will help you with your party details. Depending on the venue, you can officially hire an event planner or event coordinator to help you run your event. Even if you don't hire someone, their event staff will still be present to help with the logistics of your event. Most venues have one to three people from their team to make sure your event runs smoothly.

We hope this article helps you decide if you should have your birthday party at home or at an event venue. Here is another great article to help you make your decision. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am planning my party last minute?
It's still possible to book a venue! Call a space and ask them if they have your date available. They just might not have the exact date and the price might be higher. But you can put an event together pretty quickly.

Q: If a venue does not have parking, is it a bust?
Most venues will have some kind of parking available, even if it's paid parking. But even still, carpool and ride-sharing companies are super helpful in those situations.