Setting the Stage for Love: 4 Helpful Tips to Finding Your Engagement Party Venue
Engagement Party Venue

An Engagement party venue can be hard to find. Is an engagement Party on the horizon? Have you recently got engaged? We are so happy for you! If you are planning on throwing a party, here are 4 tips for finding the perfect venue for you.

Engagement Party Venue

Significance of a Engagement Party Venue

Congrats on getting engaged! What a big moment in your life! If you are planning an engagement party, you will need to decide if you will be hosting it at someone's home or at an event rental venue. While partying at someone's home is probably cheaper, there are many advantages to renting an intimate rental venue.

The location will often make or break an event. Renting a beautiful spot can add a special element to your party. You also eliminate the need for cleanup after your event and that is always a plus! Most venue staff will help make your event a huge success. On top of that, getting engaged is a big deal! Why not celebrate right? Here are some tips to help you find the perfect venue for you.

Engagement Party Venue

4 Tips to Finding Your Dream Engagement Party Venue

Tip #1: Determine Your Budget Ahead of Time.

A venue is always going to be a big ticket item on your budget. You will need to decide ahead of time how much you are willing to spend on a location for this party. You do not want to fall in love with a location that you and your future-spouse cannot afford.

Ask the event staff before you even do a site tour how much the venue is going to be. Most venues will ask you what your budget is before they give you any kind of quote. Remember, the wedding is right around the corner. That is the main place where you will want to spend the most money on the venue.

Tip #2: Choose Who's Coming.

Another important question to answer will be who is coming to this party. You do not have to know exactly at the beginning, but you will want to have a rough estimated number so you can book a venue. An event with 100 guests looks very different than an event with 250 guests.

If your guest count is under 50, it might be a good idea to have an intimate home party. If your guest count is over 50, it's most likely a good idea to book a rental space. Decide who you would like to come so you can book the proper venue.

Tip #3: Visit Your Desired Location.

This is very important. ALWAYS visit the venue before booking. Never send a payment or sign a contract without first viewing the location in person. If you are not able to visit the spot, send someone who you trust to make sure the venue looks the way it does online.

Pictures and videos can be deceiving. The venue staff are not trying to trick you, but they are trying to put their best foot forward. Every location has pros and cons. You want to make sure you are ok with the cons before you book the spot. No one likes a surprise like that on your big day.

Tip #4: Book as Early as You Can.

We know that proposals are supposed to be a surprise. However, the earlier you can book your engagement party venue, the better. When you are booking a spot, you will want to book months in advance to ensure you get the date you desire and the best price.

Many times, venues will give you a discount for early booking. If you can book early, try to do that. However, with a smaller event (50-100), these types of events are easier to plan. Don't stress out if you're waiting for your boyfriend to propose. If you are flexible with the date of the party, you can always get something booked.

Engagement Party Venue

We hope these tips help you to find a great venue for your party. Here is another great article with a ton of help. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I find a good venue in Los Angeles?
A simple google search will show you a TON of spots near you. Check out some of our other blogs to find some great venues in Los Angeles.

Q: What if I'm waiting for my boyfriend to propose?
It's never too early to start planning. Start looking up venues near you. Go visit some location and see if the spot is available for a party!