5 Unforgettable Holiday Party Venues in Los Angeles
holiday party venues

Holiday Party Venues can give your guests a magical experience. Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Here are five unforgettable spots to check out in Los Angeles.

Holiday Party Venues

1. Castaway Restaurant

The Castaway Restaurant is an event space and restaurant all in one. You get the venue and the food all in one space. They have great pricing for groups and adjusted pricing for different days of the week. This spot is located in Burbank on the top of a hill giving you a spectacular view of the city of Los Angeles.

While Burbank is not actually in Los Angeles Proper, it is an easy drive and gives you the most amazing glimpse of our beautiful city. We had to include it in this list. You can bring in your own lighting or use the venue lighting to create a holiday mood for your next event.

Holiday Party Venues

2. The Ebell of Los Angeles

The Ebell of Los Angeles is the perfect spot when looking for holiday party venues. This venue is located near Hancock Park in a prime spot on Wilshire Boulevard. This spot has hosted incredible events in the past and is known for it's elegance and class.

This is a great spot if you are hosting a wedding, a corporate event, or even a holiday party. This is one of favorite rental venues in Los Angeles.

Holiday Party Venues

3. Ovation Square

Ovation Square is a hidden gem right in the middle of downtown Long Beach. While we know this is outside of Los Angeles, it still can be a destination location for LA residents and the people living in cities around the area. Ovation Square can be a great spot to seat 200 people all the way up to 500 people (maybe even more based on the room set up)!

With the high-tech LED screen and beautiful lighting, this location is one of the best. In this venue, you can bring in any caterer of your choosing. They have a list of preferred vendors, but you can have the freedom and flexibility to choose your own as well.

Holiday Party Venues

4. Candela La Brea

The Candela Room is an ideal spot located on the main street of La Brea and Wilshire Boulevard. With multiple rooms to choose from, this is a great venue to host your next holiday party. Candela Room has hosted some incredible events. The intimate setting makes it a great choice for birthday parties, anniversaries, and event Christmas events.

Holiday Party Venues

5. Brickroom LA (Our Personal Favorite!)

We may be biased on this one, but we love Brickoom LA! This is an eclectic venue located right on Wilshire Boulevard. At one point in her history, this location was home to the Conga Room back in the 90s. Now, it is an event space where you can host a Bar Mitzvah, surprise party, or even a holiday event.

You can tour this spot any time throughout the week, but you must book a walk-through ahead of time. This is a great spot if your event is around 75-250 people.

We hope this article helps you find some great holiday party venues. Here is another great blog to help you find the perfect venue for you. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions about Holiday Party Venues:

Q: The venues I am looking at are too expensive. How do I find a venue that is in my budget, but still nice?
There are so many different venue options. The key is to let the event team know what your budget is for your event. Many times they are willing to work within your given numbers. If not, you can even ask the staff if they have any other recommendations.

Q: How far out should I book in advance for holiday party venues?
The earlier you can book your venue, the better. Most small or medium size venues can book you with a couple of month's notice. However, if you want a specific date, book as earlier as possible! (No Later than August for Holiday events)