Planning an Event: 4 Helpful Ways to Keep Everyone Involved

So you're planning a big event? Maybe you've been designated the person to plan the boss' birthday party. Or maybe you need to plan your teenager's Sweet 16. Either way, here are four ways to keep everyone involved while planning an event.

Importance of Event Planning

Whenever you are putting on an event, whether it's a corporate function or a big party, you will need to spend some time on event planning. Using event planning experts or event planning services is always beneficial, but there are things you can do as well when planning an event. Here are some things you should focus on when planning an event.

  • Location / Venue
  • Budget of the Event
  • Food / Drinks
  • Decoration
  • Promotion / Invitation
  • Guest Count
  • Parking
  • Activities to Do at Event
Planning an Event
Planning an Event

How to Organize an Event

When it comes to planning an event, there are many different ways to organize the event. You can break the event into sections that need to be planned such as finances, food and drinks, promotion, and the venue. You can also break the event down with a timeline. What needs to be done six months before the event? When needs to be done 3-6 months before the event? What needs to be done within 3 months? What needs to be done the final month leading up to the event?

One of the greatest hurdles to face will be finding the location to choose the event. Wherever you are looking for a space, especially an event space rental Los Angeles, the key is to start looking early. The earlier you can book your venue, the better for availability and price.

Ways to Keep Everyone Involved While Planning an Event

If you are in charge of the event, you will want people to help organize the event with you. Here are few ways to keep everyone on board and motivated along the way.

#1: Make sure you have a plan.

In order to keep people more involved throughout the planning process, make sure to have a game plan. Anything that can be done ahead of the day of the event, do it before the event! The more organized the plan you have, the easier it will be for people to get involved and help out!

#2: Delegate!

Once you have a plan, organize your items in such a way that they can be delegated to people you trust! You don't have to do everything! Figure out what people's strengths are in your workplace or in your friend circle and put those people to work!

If someone is super creative and loves to make new things, put them in charge of creating a balloon arch or a photo booth opportunity. If someone is a "foodie" then put them on task to find the best caterer in your budget range. These are just a few ways you can get other people involved with planning an event.

#3: Follow Up with People.

As much as we love delegating to others and getting more people involved, make sure to follow up with them! If you are in charge of making this event take place, you will need to circle back with those you delegating assignments on a regular basis. Have check-in points with them to monitor their progression. You don't want to get to the week of your event and realize that no one booked a caterer!

#4: Celebrate together!

If you have included your team or your friends with you in the process of planning an event, the celebration is that much bigger! They will be more excited about what is happening because they were part of the process. They were not just watching from the sideline, but they were alongside you.

We hope this article helps you while planning your next event! Here is another great article to help you keep everyone on the same page! Happy planning.

Planning an Event
Planning an Event

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I'm planning my party last minute?
While it is always highly recommended to plan out as early as possible to get the date you desire and the best prices, it is always possible to throw any event together with just a few weeks' notice. The hardest part will be securing vendors and locating the venue. If you go to a venue with a variety of dates to choose from, they may give you a great deal to simply fill open dates.

Q: What if a venue does not have parking?
While parking is always a desired thing to have at any event, there are many options when it comes to a lack of parking availability such as car ride-sharing services and public parking.