Exploring the Best Venues for a Memorable Baby Shower Celebration
Baby Shower

Baby shower coming up? Whether this shower is for you, your best friend, or your sister, this is going to be a lovely event! Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect venue for you!

Embracing Nature for a Charming Baby Shower

baby shower

One thing that is super important in any baby shower is the decoration. One tip to make this process smoother is to select a theme for the whole party. Once you select at theme for the baby shower, everything can follow that pattern. For example, your food, decorations, party invites, and even your outfit for the day can all follow the selected theme.

Here are some great baby shower themes to consider:

  • Pink and Gold
  • Pretty in Pink
  • 'Oh Boy' Theme
  • Elephants
  • Baby Animals
  • Pumpkins
  • Bun in the Oven
  • Yellow Umbrellas
  • What are some good theme you have seen?

In order to make your shower feel special and elegant, consider embracing nature in your decor. Even if you can't celebrate in the great outdoors, you can still bring simple touches into your party that will have a great impact.

If you are having a pumpkin theme party, a simple purchase of mini pumpkins will have a huge impact. If you are doing a pretty in pink theme, maybe grab some beautiful pink roses to add to the mix. Another fun touch could be greenery for your centerpieces. You could also try vines or wheat for a more barn yard effect.

Be creative and look outside to see what nature has to offer for decor!

Baby Shower

Cozy and Comfortable Spaces for Celebrating Indoors

Celebrating indoors can be a great option for your baby shower. There are so many great venues in Los Angeles or whatever you city you live. A simple google search will lead you to so many great spaces. Make sure to always visit your venue before signing a contract or giving a deposit. Pictures and videos can hides so much and you never want to be surprised on the day of your event.

When it comes to a baby shower, here are some questions you should ask about the venue:

  • Is there a large enough but also cozy room for my guests to celebrate?
  • Where can my guests park?
  • Is there a space for a photo booth?
  • Is there a safe place to put gifts?
  • Can we bring in our own vendors? (Caters, balloon arch, photo booth, etc.)

One of the earliest decisions that will need to be made is your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Choose this early so you can vet which places you will visit and which ones are out of your budget. Choosing a good location will save you money in the long run for your event.

Unique & Creative Venues

There are so many different venues you could choose for your event. Whether you are looking for LA baby shower venues or you are hoping for something on the country side, there are a ton of options for you to choose!

Baby Shower

Event Venue Downtown

There are so many amazing venues downtown (in any city you live!). These tend to have a more modern feel with great sound systems, lights, and photo opportunities. These will be beautiful, but will probably be a higher price. The earlier you can book these venues, the better. Make sure to let the venue staff know your estimated guest count so you look at venues that are the right size for you.

Birthday Party Rental

Birthday party rentals are spaced designed specifically for birthday parties. These spaces could be stand alone buildings or connected to a restaurant or something fun to do. Most places that have arcades, laser tag, or even a Movie Theater is going to have a room or a space for parties.

Multipurpose Room

Many nonprofits or businesses have a multipurpose room of sort that they are wiling to rent out. If you check out a YMCA or even a church near your home, many times they are willing to rent the space out for a much lower price than a typical venue. The spot might not be as nice and you will probably have to add more decor, but the cost might be lower.

Friend's House

Finally, you can always host your baby shower at home or at a friend's house. If you are expecting less than 20 people, this is a great option! If you are expecting more than 20 people, it might be too crowded. One of the many benefits of renting a venue is that you do not have to clean your house after!

We hope this article helps you plan your upcoming shower! We are so happy for you. Here is another great article to help you put all the pieces together. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When is the best time to throw a baby shower?
Most moms-to-be have a baby shower when they are around seven months. Some opt to wait to have their baby shower until after the baby is born. It's really up to you!

Q: How much does it cost to rent a typical venue for a baby shower?
Rental spaces are not created equal. The price is going to range over a huge amount of numbers. Depending on your needs and where you are located, you will have to ask most venue staffs for a quote.