Comedy Show: 3 Needs for Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Comedy Show
Comedy Show

Comedy show coming up? Looking for the perfect venue for your next gig? Here are some tips to lock in the perfect venue for you and your team.

Choosing the Right Venue is Important.

Comedy Show

While there are no perfect venues, the right perfect venue for your event is in reach. Choosing the right venue is a very important decision. Your venue can make or break your event. Whether you are looking for a smaller jazz club vibe or you are hoping to fill an entire stadium, the location matters.

Take some time to decide what you really need for your event. Select a budget before you go looking for the perfect spot. This will keep you from looking at places that are way out of your budget. Make sure to visit the venue before signing a contract or sending a deposit. Pictures and even videos can hide many things!

Here are some tips to help you book the right venue:

  • Book early! The earlier you can book your venue, the better prices and more availability.
  • Look at multiple venues. Don't just look at one.
  • Ask as many questions as possible to the venue staff.
  • Be specific with what you need for your event.

What does your venue need?

Every venue is so different. Make sure you make a list of things that you will need at your event. Here are some things you should consider when you plan your comedy show.

Comedy Show

Need to be Convenient and Accessible

Where are most of your guests located? You want to choose a location that is central to most of the people attending your show. Even famous comedians choose a city in which they want to reach those people living there. If most of your guests live in Los Angeles, then it will be a good idea to choose a venue rental in Los Angeles.

You will also want to make sure this venue is accessible to your guests. Look at your clientele. Are most of your guests older or need assistance going up stairs? Make sure there is an elevator in your venue if needed. Evaluate how far the guests will have to walk from the parking lot until they are finally seated. All these things are good to know, if only to share with your guests ahead of time.

Needs to be the Right Size for Your Number of Guests

How many guests are you expecting at your show? You do not need to know the exact amount, but most venues will ask you for an estimate to gauge the proper price. Look at the rooms available. This is important for the room dynamic of your event.

If your event space is too big, your guests will feel awkward. Your show, even if there are 'good amount' of people in attendance, has the potential to feel like a failure. If your room is too small, your guests will feel cramped and may even want to leave. Make sure to select a room that will comfortably fit the amount of people you are hoping for. A room that is 80% has a great feel to it.

Needs to have the right Equipment and Furniture for your Comedy Show

When you are working with the venue staff or doing a site tour, make sure to ask what is available to use from the venue. Most venues will have a number of things to use. You will want to make sure this is an event venue with a stage of some kind to perform. You will want to make sure the rental has the proper A/V equipment and sound for your show.

Most venues will provide some kind of furniture for your guests as well. Make sure to see that furniture in person before the event so you are not surprised on the day of your show. If you are doing rows of people, make sure they have enough chairs. If you are doing a lounge feel, make sure there are proper couches and benches. You may have to rent some furniture if the venue does not have it available.

Here are some other things to always ask before booking:

  • What furniture and tables are available?
  • Is there proper sound and video equipment?
  • Does this venue have proper bathrooms?
  • Is there an elevator (if there are multiple floors)?
  • What event staff come with my contract?

We hope this article helps you plan for your comedy show. Here is another great article to take a look at before you book your venue. Happy planning!

Comedy Show

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do event rentals come with chairs and tables?
Most venues will provide some kind of furniture, but you will need to ask before you book your spot. If not, that will be another expense for you to cover.

Q: Do I have to clean after my event? Or is that what the cleaning fee is for?
Most venues require you to only remove everything you brought in that is not trash. Cleaning the venue is not your responsibility.