How to Select a Amazing Birthday Party Venue for My Child
Birthday Party Venue

How do I find a birthday party venue for my child? It's your kiddos birthday! And they want to have a party! Here are some tips to help you find a venue that your kids will love and you, as the parent, won't hate!

How to Organize a Birthday Party

Birthday Party Venue
Birthday Party Venue

There are some important things you will need to organize before you even start planning for a child's birthday. If your child desires to have a party (this is important to determine), you will need to select a day. Depending on the age of your child, throwing a party on their actual birthday may not be the best choice. Saturday in the morning or early afternoon tends to be the best choice for elementary-age children.

You will also need to decide what is the budget for your party? The budget will determine if this party is going to be in your backyard or at an event rental venue. This will also help choose what activities will be involved and what kind of food will be provided.

Tip for Parties on a Budget: Plan our party during a non-meal time. You can provide drinks and snacks instead of a full meal.

Another helpful piece of advice would be to ask the birthday child some of their desires. Obviously, you cant' do it all, but it will be helpful to see what your child is thinking. Do they want a certain theme for their birthday? Is there a certain activity they would like to do. Should we host it at a certain place? These questions will help guide your planning.

Birthday Party Venue
Birthday Party Venue

Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Now that you know your date and your budget, we can move forward with the birthday party planning checklist! Here are a couple things to keep in mind as you plan.

Get your birthday party venue early!

The earlier you plan the birthday party, the better! If you are planning to book a venue, you will want to get that reserved as soon as possible. When you plan ahead, more dates are available at a better price. Most venues 'big nights' are Friday and Saturday night. Make a deal with them by choosing a Saturday morning option.

Choose a venue where the kids can play.

Don't forget that kids want to play! Even high school students will run around and want to enjoy themselves. Don't pick a venue that is extremely breakable. Choose a place where kids can still have fun. Here are some fun options to choose for a child's birthday party venue.

  • Trampoline Venue
  • Laser Tag Venue
  • Indoor Playgrounds
  • Game Rooms
  • Old Theater
  • Escape Rooms

Pick a spot that is good for adults too.

Remember, that the adults have to come too! Unless parents are dropping off, make sure to choose a venue where the adults can enjoy themselves too! Make sure there is food and drinks to enjoy as well as places for people to sit and make new friends!

Add the vendors.

Vendors are the way to go when it comes to a child's birthday party. You can do many things yourself, but there are so many good companies that provide amazing services to help your party be a huge success. You can select vendors for food catering, DJ the music, MC the party, create balloon arches and decorations, photo opportunities, and even games. Don't do it all alone!

Invite the friends.

Select the guest list and send the invitations! Not everyone will be able to come who you invite, so feel free to send out more invites that you think. Add an rsvp date on your invitation so people know when to let you know. It is good to have a headcount for the venue as well as yourself so you can prepare properly.

Tip for Parties on a Budget: Make your invitations online! Evite is a great site that can send the invite straight to a person's text messages.

Birthday Party Venue
Birthday Party Venue

What is the best theme for a birthday party?

One of the greatest non-secret when preparing a birthday party venue for your kiddos' birthday is selecting a theme! Choosing a specific theme can help steer the entire party planning process. Your theme can help navigate where we hold the party, what food is served, and what decorations look like. You can even have kids and adults dress up in the theme! Here are some fun options.

  • Star Wars
  • Under the Sea
  • Cats
  • Little Mermaid
  • Out of this World/Space
  • 'One'derful
  • 'Two' Cute
  • Two Fast. Two Furious
  • Peace Out Single Digits.

We hope this article helps you find the perfect birthday party venue for your child! Here is another great article to help you on your search. Happy planning!

Birthday Party Venue
Birthday Party Venue

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What days are more discounted in event venues?
Typically, the weekends are going to be your most expensive days. Monday through Wednesdays are the slowest days for rental spaces.

Q: What if I'm looking for venues for birthday party last minute?
We can plan a party last minute! You might have to be flexible with your date based on the venue's availability. But it is still possible!