5 Tips to Plan The Spookiest Halloween Party
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Halloween Party coming up? Are you looking for the best Halloween decoration ideas? Here are 5 tips to plan the spookiest halloween party (that isn't really scary).

What is halloween party?

A Halloween Party can be as simple as gathering some friends and their kiddos to celebrate friendship and community. Many people to door-to-door seeking candy from their neighbors. The best neighbors give out king size candy bars! (Those are few and far in between) If you are hosting a Halloween Party, get your costume ready and some fun decoration! Invite some friends and ready for a spooky time.

Halloween Party
Halloween Party

What do you do at a Halloween Party?

Most Halloween Parties consist of spending time with friends, enjoying good food, and of course getting candy! There are variety of things you can at this kind of party. Some people enjoy a costume party as most people dress up as fun characters for this event. Some people will go out in a family costume while others will take a more scary approach. You could be a Jedi, a super hero, or even a princess. All these are fun options.

Reminders When Planning a Halloween Party

When you are the person in charge of planning the Halloween Party, here are some things you will want to remember.

Choose Your Venue Early.

The earlier you can book your venue, the better. When you book early event space rentals typically have more dates open. They also tend to have better prices for the early birds! Get the venue booked so you don't have to worry about that big decision in the party planning process.

The venue will make or break your Halloween Party.

Decide a Theme.

Choosing a theme for your party will help make all the other decisions easier. If there is a common theme, everything else can build around that. You could choose a Star Wars theme or Zombie theme. Young kiddos love Disney themes along with Under the Sea adventures. Once you choose a theme, the decorations, invitations, and even food can all follow this direction.

Get some good food!

Don't neglect the food and drinks! Enjoy a good meal at this party! Get some vendors or make some good dishes so the adults can enjoy this holiday as much as the kiddos! Of course, you will need to bring candy! Send kids and adults alike home with ALOT of candy.

Invite your friends and family.

Create a guest list for your party. Once you know who you are inviting, send out party invites so you can know how many people will be attending. You will need to have an estimated number of guests if you are renting a party venue. This does not have to be an exact number, but more of an estimate.

Organize the Perfect Office Party
Organize the Perfect Office Party

What are the best Venues for a Halloween Party?

There are many great venues for a Halloween party. Whether you are looking for an indoor party venue or party venues in Los Angeles, there are so many great spots to choose from. You could go for the cheaper option and use your own home. However, if you are looking for something a little nicer, you could choose an event space rental.

Good Halloween Event venues would be something that has some character to it. You will want to pick a spot that is great for pictures and can adapt to your theme. Make sure you choose a spot where you are allowed to add decorations! What is a Halloween party without decor!

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Everyone is searching for great Halloween Decoration ideas! So what are some good ideas. This really depends on the theme you are going for. Decide ahead of time what your theme is going to be for your party so you can coordinate all your decor to follow this direction. This will keep your planning efficient.

Space Theme? Can the venue go neon? Try hanging neon balls form the ceiling to create a space scene. You could even get glow in the dark starts to cover the night sky! Have people dress up as aliens from out of this world!

Superhero Theme? We all have our favorite super hero! Choose from one of many and come ready to save the world! Decorations could include the backdrops of the city. These would provide great photo opportunities. Large print outs of words to replicate a comic book are always fun. Check to see if your venue has different lighting.

Simple Up Lights can make a HUGE difference.
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Disney Theme? Kids love this theme! There are so many characters to choose from. You could go with one movie for decoration purposes or you could choose from many different options. This theme is best for young kids. If you are trying to please older kids or adults, go with the scarier options.

What are some other great decoration ideas? Let us know in the comments! We hope this article was helpful to you. Here is another great article to check out in planning a spooky Halloween party. Happy planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it too late to plan a Halloween Party for my friends and family?
No way! If you have a week or two left, you still have plenty of time to throw a party to plan! You might have to hustle and move quicker than is comfortable, but you can do it.

Q: What is the going rate for party venues in Los Angeles?
Every rental space is so different. The best thing to do is send in an inquiry and get a quote from a the specific venue. Let them know your date and number of people and they can help you get that number.