Unique Engagement Party Venues to Wow Your Guests

Throwing an engagement party? What a celebration! Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect venue to really wow all your guests!

Engagement Party

Setting the Perfect Scene for Your Engagement Celebration

While the big day is still up ahead to be planned, an engagement party is the perfect celebration to throw in the meantime. You don't want to outshine the main wedding day; however, you still want to wow your guests! One way to do that is by choosing a unique party venue.

There are so many engagement party venues! Especially if you live in or near a big city, there are going to be a ton of rental spaces to check out. There are a few things you can do to set that perfect scene for your party.

Make sure to do your research for venues in your area. Don't just look at the obvious choices or even a space someone has already thrown a party at before. Look for some of those hidden gems. Check Yelp or Google Reviews to see if there are any good options near you.

Don't forget to visit the venue in person before you ever sign a contract. Pictures and even videos can hide a lot of things. You don't want any surprises on the day of your party. You will also want to select a venue that is the right size for you. If a venue is too big, it might make your party feel awkward for the guests.

Engagement Party

Engagement Party Musts!

Here are a couple of things you will NOT want to forget if you are throwing an engagement party!

Don't forget to invite all the necessary guests!

Obviously, anyone in your wedding should also be invited to the engagement party. Do a thorough look through your family and friends list to see who can be added to this list after that. Great Aunt Susie might be invited to your wedding, but does she need to be invited to this party? You be the judge.

You might be able to invite some people who won't be invited to the wedding because it should be a cheaper cost. Most likely, this celebration will be drinks and hors d'oeuvres. You will not have to pay for everyone to eat a full meal.

Don't go over Budget!

Remember, you still have to pay for the big day! Don't use all your savings on the simple engagement party. You can throw a great party and still stay within your budget. Before you even start choosing things for this event, make sure to set a budget. Choose a number you want to spend and stick to that number. It's not worth going over.

Choose a Venue that Has Plenty of Photo Ops!

Whatever location you decide, make sure there are plenty of spaces to take great pictures! You will want to have some kind of photo op and if the venue already has that, even better! You can even ask the venue if you are allowed to bring in outside decorations. Most places will allow something like this.

Hire the Right Vendors.

Depending on what you would like to do during your party, make sure you hire the right vendors. Get some feedback from friends or look at their reviews online to make sure this is not 'their first rodeo.' Here are a couple of vendors you might need to select from.

  • Bar Service
  • Caterers
  • Event Coordinator
  • Photo Booth
  • Flowers
  • Dessert Table/Bar
  • Balloon Arch
Engagement Party

Choosing the Right Location for your Celebration

Here are a few questions for you to make sure you choose the right venue for your celebration.

#1: What do you want to do at your engagement party?

There are so many things that can be done at a party like this. Once you answer this question, that will help you determine what kind of venue you are looking for. Honestly, if you want to go paint balling to celebrate, do it! However, if you want to throw a party where people can dress up and dance, you might have to pick something a little nicer.

There are so many great spots in places like downtown Los Angeles or Santa Monica by the beach. Look for the smaller eclectic spaces that can fit about 150 people. Those are great spots that are usually overlooked and have the 'hidden gem' feel.

#2: What feel do you want to have at this celebration?

Are you looking for a night-time party to dance the night away? Or are you looking for a Saturday morning brunch where you can invite all your closest girl friends? Both are great! But you will need to decide so you can choose what setting is best for you.

Some venues have large rooms with tall ceilings. Other venues have smaller rooms with a more intimate feel for their guests. Depending on the lighting and sound needed for your party, this will help you choose what venue is best for you.

Doing a simple google search for 'venues near me' always shows several great options.

#3: How much are you willing to spend?

Unless you are hosting a party in your home, the venue rental will always be one of your most expensive ticket items. Make sure to budget for this because a good location can make or break your event. Be prepared to spend between $3,000-$6,000 for an event space for about 150-200 people (depending on what city you live in).

We hope this article has helped you in planning your next event. Here is another great article to help you decide what to do at an engagement party. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it tacky to throw a party in my home?
Throwing a party at home is not tacky! Instead, it can have a more intimate vibe. Just keep an eye on your guest count because most home parties can only hold about 30 people before it starts to get too crowded.

Q: What if I want to throw an engagement party last minute?
The more time you give yourself to plan before an event, the better. However, a party can be thrown together in less than a week depending on what location and vendors are being used.