Eye-Opening Difference Of An Event Coordinator & An Event Planner

What are the key differences between an event coordinator and planner? Do you have an event coming up? Do you know how to do an event? You may be wondering if you should hire someone to help you in this pursuit. But who? Should I hire a coordinator? Should I hire a planner? What are the key difference between a coordinator and a planner? Here are some key differences between these unique and important roles.

1. An Event Planner is responsible to plan the event before the event takes place. 

A planner plans the occasion. This person is responsible to identify the needs and desires of his or her client. The planner will help you book the space rental you need. Their role is to book everything that would be needed. One of the main responsibilities of this position is to meet with the client to find out all the necessary information to make the wedding, party, or whatever occasion is happening the best it can be.

2. An Event Coordinator is responsible to carry out the plan for the occasion. 

A coordinator needs to have certain professional event management skills in order to carry out the plan that has been given to them from the planner. The coordinator is on site during the time slot to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan. This is the person who the client would contact on the day of the event if anything was going wrong. This role is valuable to keep on-site guests happy and cared for. 

3. An Event Planner books the necessary venue and vendors for the day of the event. 

A person who is experienced in professional event planning would book all the necessary needs before the occasion takes place. There are certain skills for event planning that are important to make this hire worth the investment. The planner should be comfortable working with event planning companies and event venues in town to book the right location. They also would be responsible for hiring and securing other needed vendors. Here are a list of things the planner might be responsible to do: 

  • Book the Venue
  • Hire Live Entertainment 
  • Schedule the Caters 
  • Assess and Acquire needed furniture 
  • Secure Parking for Guests 

4. An Event Coordinator makes sure the venue is set up and vendors are ready. 

One of the greatest things a coordinator does for an occasion is to make sure the venue for event and vendors are all set and ready. The coordinator will make sure the facility is set as desired by the client and ready to receive guests. This position also acts as the on-site contact for vendors as they arrive at the location. The coordinator position will bring peace and clarity without the client having to worry about the details. 

Remembering these differences between a coordinator and planner will help you to decide if you need to hire one or both of these positions for your next occasion. Check out this other great article about differences between an event coordinator and planner. Event Coordinator vs. Event Planner: Key Differences.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Do I need an event planner for my next event? 

A: An event planner is always needed for an event. Someone has to plan it. So whether the event venue owner is stepping into this role to plan an event or you can hire an event planner for your birthday parties & corporate events, it is possible for your event to run smooth. 

Q: Do I need an event coordinator at my next event? 

A: Many venues will have their on-site coordinator to make sure each event at their given location runs smoothly. This is usually an additional required charge so make sure to ask your venue ahead of time. If you desire, you could also hire your own event coordinator who you trust to run the specific details for your event. This is usually needed especially for a wedding or seminar with many moving parts.