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So, you’re planning a corporate event? The importance of corporate events cannot be undermined. This is a chance for a company to connect with their employees, clients, and even stakeholders. As you move forward, here are some do’s and don’ts to remember as you plan a corporate event for your company and employees. There are so many advantages of corporate events.

1. Do start planning your event early!

Once you’ve been given a date by your boss (or maybe you’re the boss and you select the date) for your corporate event, get to work! Don’t wait. Start planning. The earlier, the better. Especially when it comes to booking a venue, don’t allow all the good spaces to get booked up. This tip is so important when learning how to plan corporate events. Starting early gives you the freedom to have multiple choices for venue rentals and also gives you freedom to be more flexible. When you wait until the last minute, options are more limited. However, even if you’re planning an office party last minute, we can help!

2. Don’t forget the location for your corporate event.

Of course you can plan your corporate event to take place in the office, but why not choose an off-site location that will be exciting and bring energy to your event. Whether you want something more intimate for your small business or you are thinking a large event space for your growing company, choosing a good location is key to have a successful event. Make sure to find out about the venue capacity, venue requirements, and any other desires you might have for this event.

3. Do choose an Objective for your corporate event.

As you plan a corporate event, you need to know what is taking place once people arrive? Why are you hosting this event for the company? What will the business gain from this meeting? Are you bringing in special guest speakers so your team can grow? Do you need a venue for a product launch in Los Angeles? Make sure to plan out these details ahead of time to make your event planning run smooth. Knowing the objective of the event will also help secure the location. Will you need round tables for your employees to sit together? Will you need rows of chairs for people to listen to a keynote presentation? Being sure of these answers will help you secure the location for your event.

4. Don’t forget technology during the corporate event.

Do not forget to utilize the technology that is offered at any given location. Ask questions and discover what your venue rental has to offer. Many spaces will have music available to play during the break times of your event, slide shows to use during your presentations, and lighting that will enhance the overall environment of the room.

5. Do provide food and drinks for the corporate event.

Even if you are not providing a full meal, make sure to provide snacks and drinks for your guests or employees. Corporate events can tend to be longer than a typical party event. So make sure to offer some granola bars or snacks in between sessions. Water and coffee are essential to host a great event! We don’t want the guests to feel sleepy while someone is presenting! Make sure to have some type of food and beverage available for all who attend this corporate event.

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At Brickroom LA, we have a whole team dedicated to helping you book and plan your next event! We would love to connect with you in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are corporate events?
A: A corporate event is any event that is organized or funded by a business entity. This can be a social event through a company or more like a seminar hosted by a business.

Q: How do I find an event space with a stage?
A: Most venue rentals will show what they offer on a list of their amenities. However, if a stage is not listed or present in their pictures, you can always ask the event coordinator or check yourself on a site visit.

Q: How many people should be invited to a corporate event?
A: Corporate events seem to have a larger number of guests while private events tend to have a smaller number of guests; however, this number is up to the company. They can invite as many or as few people as desired. This number will play a factor as to what venue locations the company can rent.