Launch a New Product….but where?

You want to launch a new product! You are ready for this new work to go live and you can’t wait for your friends, family, and potential customers to see it. But you can’t hold this product launch in your basement. That would be weird. Your office space is probably too small or you work from home now like much of the world. So where do you host this spectacular event?


Finding the Perfect Venue for Your Product Launch.

What is a product launch event? Is there even really importance of a product launch? A product launch event is a time to allow your new product to shine. This is a moment that will make your event known and seen amongst your potential clients. The venue in which you host this event is a space that can launch your creation into the ‘next level’ or throw you back into the dryness of the ordinary. We believe the venue in which you present this new product to the world is vital. So here are some questions to help you secure the perfect location for your product reveal!


1. Does the venue outshine the product?

Is this venue a good product launch venue? Or is this venue way too cool?! We want you to find a great location! But sometimes a venue tends to outshine the very product you are trying to highlight. Don’t let that happen. Go check out different venues in your area. Make sure the space is a fit for you and your development. Remember, you are bringing people to this space to see the product. Don’t let them be distracted by the venue, or anything else for that matter.


2. Is there enough space for the people I plan to invite when I launch my new product?

There are many stages of event planning, especially product launch event planning. One of those vital stages is inviting the guests. Plan who you want to attend and who is willing to attend. Once you have a range of your guest count, you can narrow out which location would gobble up your event and which location would be way too crowded. Then you can look at those spaces that would be a perfect venue for you! Our favorite spaces are event space rentals in Los Angeles!


3. Is there Rent Space for Photoshoot before I launch my new product?

This is a great question to ask because many venues also have different locations for a photoshoot in their building. Whether you want to take pictures ahead of time to promote the event or take pictures for future sales, a space to do a photoshoot with your new product is a great addition when finding the perfect venue rental. Make sure to ask your event coordinator if rent space for photoshoot is available.


4. What are your launch event ideas?

Depending on if this is your own product of creativity or if you are hosting a corporate event in Los Angeles will determine what will take place at the product launch. Some ideas at a product launch could include live music, feeding the crowd, special giveaways, and even a presentation of the product itself. Whatever your amazing ideas might be, make sure the venue space in which you select is able to facilitate these desires. Make sure to talk with your event coordinator at the venue to see what can be done ahead of time.


5. Is my product launch date available?

Plan your event out with enough time to secure the dates at your perfect venue. The earlier you can plan out, the better. That way you can have the flexibly and freedom to find the perfect venue rental for your product launch. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your event. When you find that perfect spot, make sure to lock in the dates you need for your product launch event.

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Successfully Launching a Product

At Brickroom LA, we have a team ready to help you book and plan the perfect event! We would love to connect with you soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Brickroom LA help with production elements on the day of my product launch?
A: Yes! We have an on-site team for the day of all our events. We will help you with any production needs.

Q: What kind of photoshoot opportunities do you have at Brickroom LA?
A: We have many cool spots to do a photoshoot. Our building is true to our name in which we have many brick walls and other creative shot possibilities to create a great photo. We also have lighting available for rent to help create the greatest shots.

Q: What if I want live music at my product launch?
A: Any desire you have for your event, you should tell the event coordinator of the venue space to see if that site can accommodate your needs. At Brickroom LA, we have all the necessary equipment for live music.