Tips to Plan a Baby Shower
baby shower

How to plan a baby shower? Are you pregnant? Or maybe your best friend is expecting?! What an exciting moment! Let’s plan a baby shower to celebrate the little bundle of joy. Here are some easy tips on how to plan a baby shower.

Gender Reveal When you Plan a Baby Shower

An exciting new trend over the last couple years has been to add a gender reveal party even before the baby shower. But one great tip (to save time and money, yes please!) is to combine both events. Having a baby shower around the seven-month mark will give you time to find out the gender, but also keep your mom-to-be from having to entertain guests at the end of her third trimester. There are so many ideas on how to plan a gender reveal baby shower. But this is a great start!

Best Place to host When You Plan a Baby Shower

One of the first things you will have to decide is where is the best place to host a baby shower. Many people hold these types of events in their home or back yard, but if you have more than 30 guests, we recommend looking into the cost of an event space. Whether you are looking for a babyshower venue in Los Angeles or somewhere in the country, there are so many good spots.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind while looking for the best venue for a baby shower.

  1. A large enough room for the mom-to-be and her guests.
  2. Make sure the main room has a ‘spot’ where gifts can be open.
  3. Make sure there are plenty of restrooms! (Most showers have a majority of women attending so make sure there are plenty of stalls!)
  4. Any good spots to take photos?

Must Haves When You Plan a Baby Shower

Every baby shower is unique and special based on the parents. Before you begin planning, make sure to have a conversation with the new mommy (and dad if needed) to discuss all the desires. Even if some of these wishes are not possible, it’s good to know. Here are a couple things you must remember on your baby shower check list.

  1. Invite List (If you’re tech savvy, try evites! Save some money that way.)
  2. Choose a theme. Even if the theme is simple colors, this will help guide all other choices.  
  3. What snacks and drink swill be provided? (Get many friends involved! That can be part of their gift.)
  4. Decorate one main area for gifts and an area to open presents.
  5. Table decorations go a long way! Make each table is special.
  6. Choose tasteful games. (Nobody wants to guess the chocolate in the diaper!)
  7. Have guests pre-address their own thank you cards (stamp and all!). The new mom will thank you!

Gifts to Remember When You Plan a Baby Shower

Most new parents create a baby registry for their friends and family to purchase a gift from. Before the big day, make sure that the most needed items are all bought. If there are big items needed, a couple friends could go in together and buy the gift for the new parents. If in doubt, get the new guardians a gift card!

These are a couple tips to help you plan the best baby shower ever! Check out this site here for more tips on planning an event like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t know how many people are coming to my event yet?
This will happen. Even if your invite is beautiful and clearly states a date in which to let you know if you will be attending or not, people are still last minute sometimes. In this case, especially for an intimate wedding, estimate how many people you think will attend. You do not need an exact number. Whether you are thinking a 30-person small gathering or a 150-person party, give yourself some grace on the numbers.

Q: What about parking?
A: This is a great question! You should ALWAYS ask the venue about parking. Some rental spots will have a parking lot for your guests while others will offer a valet service. Some will inform you that street parking is available. All these options are good, but it is important to know ahead of time so you can inform your guests.

Q: What if I am planning a last-minute event?
A: Last minute events can still be a success! Make sure to know what you need and your price range and get to work! If you choose a great venue and you can even hire an event planner, it is possible. Do not worry! (But you should probably start today!)