How to Find an Affordable Wedding Venue
beautiful and affordable wedding venue in Los Angeles

Looking to find a beautiful and affordable wedding venue? Are you getting married soon? Looking for that perfect spot, but you’re on a tight budget? You are in luck! Getting married in a fantastic location and not losing all your money is totally possible! Here are five tips to find the perfect and cost efficient wedding venue for you.

1. When finding an affordable wedding venue, do your research.

Many people wonder how to find a wedding venue. The reality is there are so many options where a couple can get married. Are you thinking an indoor wedding venue idea? Or maybe you are more focused on an affordable wedding venue in Los Angeles? Whatever your desire, do your research.

There are so many different wedding venues. You can select a wedding spot by the beach or an indoor eclectic feel at a downtown facility. You can choose a traditional church or a modern church. You can choose a friend’s backyard or the fanciest ballroom in the city! Whatever you decide, make sure to do your research.

Remember, start searching early! The earlier ahead you book, the more available dates that rental even space will have and the more flexibility for pricing they will give.

2. When finding an affordable wedding venue, choose the one or two items that are most important.

There are so many wedding ideas on Pinterest, websites, and magazines. The creativity is limitless. But your budget is not. So what are the things that are most important to you? Maybe it’s the dress and the flowers. If that’s the case, spend on those and go cheaper in other areas like food. Maybe the most important thing to you is the photography and videos. If that’s the case, maybe you can purchase fakes flowers and fool us all.

3. When finding an affordable wedding venue, decide who really needs to attend.

One of the most crucial items on your wedding venue checklist is the guest list. Who will be attending your wedding. At first glance, fifty people sounds like an easy number. But as you begin to list all the people you and your soon-to-be spouse know and love, the list can add up! The question is who really needs to attend? One of the greatest costs will be the headcount for food during the reception (as well as the size for your venue.) So you can either choose to serve snack and no meal or you can cut back on the guest list. Does your great uncle really need to be there? Do you friends from high school even want to come? These are great questions to ask to help you keep that budget in line.

4. When finding an affordable wedding venue, decide areas where you can cut back.

Back to choosing what is important. Once you’ve selected your ‘must haves’ for the big day, now you can choose where you can cut back. What are the things you really don’t care about. Make sure to write it down so as the big day gets closer you don’t turn into a monster and change your mind!

Some ideas. Do you really need engagement photos? Can you opt for no bridesmaids and groomsmen? What are boutonnieres anyways and do we really need them? Can we say the veil is old fashioned and go without it? Instead of cake, choose mini cupcakes!

Obviously, these are just some ideas to get you thinking. A lack of funds is sometimes the greatest tool for innovation. Use it!

5. When finding an affordable wedding venue, remember the wedding is one day, but marriage is for life.

While choosing from the different wedding themes and purchasing all the needed items to make your big day spectacular, the reality is this day will last for 24 hours like every other day. The wedding event will be over quicker than you think. While the wedding is important and acts as the beginning of a new chapter, the marriage is meant to last a lifetime. Start your marriage off strong by having control over your finances. Choose a budget and stick to it. Remember, your spouse loves you. And no matter what, it is going to be a beautiful wedding.

We love wedding season! When venue booking, there are a couple of do's and don’ts as you book the wedding venue. To find more advice on finding affordable wedding venues & other tips on how to choose the perfect wedding venue, check out this article here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What about an engagement party?
A: Engagement parties are a great event to plan! The same rules in this article apply. Do your research and find the best engagement party venue spot for you. Make sure to choose your budget ahead of time and know what you need while looking at different engagement party venues in Los Angeles.

Q: What are the best spots for LA Concert Venues?
A: The answer is the spot that fits the bands needs the best! There are indoor venues and outdoor venues all over the great city of Los Angeles. There are also a range of sizes and prices. So know what you need, and start searching! At Brickroom LA, we would love to help you find the right spot for your next concert.

Q. What is the main factor when choosing a wedding venue?
When choosing a wedding venue, there are many factors to consider. The first and most important factor is the location. Choosing a venue close to the bride and groom’s home or their desired location will make the planning process much more manageable.