5 Tips on How to Pick a Wedding Venue
Pick a Wedding Venue

Here are five tips to help you pick a wedding venue. Whether you are going to have the biggest event of the year of you are planning a small intimate wedding, For more information on how to choose the perfect wedding venue these simple pointers will help your wedding day be a big success.

Tip #1: Select your budget early in the process.

Before you fall in love with that outdoor venue or you find the perfect dress, make sure to select your choose the amount of money you and your fiancé are willing to spend on this day. The second hardest part of this tip is sticking to the budget! There’s probably a whole other article written somewhere about that.

But choose your budget so you know the amount you are willing to spend on your venue. Your venue will take up a huge chunk of your overall budget so keep that in mind.

Tip #2: Choose your wedding date!

Most of the time you will need to select your date, before you start looking for your venue. The date (and your theme for that matter) will help determine the type of venue you are looking for. If you are getting married in the winter, you most likely will choose a beautiful indoor venue. However, if you are getting married in the blissful month of June, you might be more open to an outdoor venue for the ceremony.

Either way, choose your date so you know the season when you are getting married.

Tip #3: Make your Guest List.

You do not have to have a finalized guest list before you book your wedding venue. However, you should have an estimated number of how many people you will be inviting to the celebration. The bigger the venue, the bigger your budget will need to be. More people require more space. So, start making that list! Decide who you will be inviting to the wedding. Remember, your budget will greatly determine how many people you can actually invite so keep that in mind.

Tip #4: Visit the Venue IN PERSON.

When you are searching how to find a wedding venue on the internet, one of the greatest tips is to visit your potential venue in person. Don’t sign anything or book any rental venue until you have seen the venue in person. Videos and pictures can both be deceiving. Grab a couple friends and make a trip to the venue. The same way you would try on your wedding dress or taste your catering, you need to see the venue in person to make sure it is the right feel you are looking for.

While you’re at the venue, here are some questions to ask the in-house team:

  • What does parking look like for my guests?
  • How early can I come in on the day of the wedding?
  • What are my catering options?
  • What is provided from the in-house team?
  • How long can I stay in the venue?
  • How many people can fit in this venue?

Tip #5: Plan as early as possible.

The earlier you select your venue, the better the prices will be. The longer out from your wedding date the more availability will be open to you. If you wait until the last minute, venues will be harder to find and more expensive. So once you know the date (and even if you are thinking between a couple different dates), start looking for your venue! Most venues will allow you to book their site at least a year in advance, So decide what kind of wedding you want, pick a wedding venue, and choose a date. So get planning early!

These are just a few tips to help you pick a wedding venue. Here is another great article for you to get some good insight when you pick a wedding venue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I am planning my wedding last minute? Is there still a chance to find a good venue?
Even if you’re planning your event last minute, there are always good choices! You might have to be more flexible, but there are always cancellations and venues looking for last-minute bookings. Brickroom LA is always a good choice to check out!

Q: How do I find a good venue on a budget?
There are many smaller venues that will be a great choice for you! Do your research online, and read some do's & don'ts before booking wedding venue and you will find many good options that are an affordable cost. Just make sure to see the venue in person before you sign the dotted line.