How to Organize the Perfect Office Party
Organize the Perfect Office Party

Do you need help on how to organize the perfect office party? Are you in charge of the next office get-together? Don’t worry! Here are some tips that will help your coworkers have as much fun after Santa arrive to Mrs. Newman’s staff Christmas party in Santa Clause 2.  

Tip #1: Choose a Theme!

A theme is always helpful! If it is Christmas time, choose colors like red and gold to help with decorations. Maybe go with a Grinch theme and make everything green. Either way, choosing a theme will help guide the decisions with décor, food, and even the gifts (if applicable).

Tip #2: Make sure there is food and drinks.

Providing food and drinks does not just fuel our bodies, it also provides something to do. A cup of coffee in a person’s hand can make standing around a circle feel a little bit more natural. Running off to grab a cookie can provide the escape exit needed for the newly hired secretary.

In addition to a scapegoat, who doesn’t love a sweet treat. Make sure to provide snacks at the minimum. Maybe open up a potluck to your coworkers. Who knows? Someone might have a secret family recipe that is simply delicious!

Tip #3: Plan Something to do!

This is one tip where you can even over plan. Plan something for your guests to do! Group games are always fun! Just make sure they are actually fun and ran by a competent MC. Another option is having certain games on tables that the guests can do at their leisure. These could be simple word searches or games that match the theme of the event. At the very least, make sure you have music playing during your office party.

Tip #4: Delegate to your Friends.  

When you organize the perfect office party, don’t do it alone! Grab some friends together and delegate out to your coworkers. This will keep the load becoming too heavy for you. This will also implore the rest of the team to have ownership in the event & help you plan an perfect event.

Allow someone else to choose the games. Choose someone to lead the potluck. Select the most crafty person to be in charge of the decorations! You are not backing out of organizing the perfect office party; instead, you are leading others to help make it run even better!  

Tip #5: Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Who doesn’t love to win a prize?!? Grab some gift cards and have a raffle! (Make sure to put people’s names on the raffle tickets so you are not dreadfully calling out 9-digit numbers). Give away about five of these and everyone will be excited! You can even create a couple gift baskets if you’re up for the challenge. You would be surprised how many free gift cards can be gathered from different people’s connections in your office.

These are some tips to help you organize the perfect office party. Check out another great article here for some more tips to throw a great company party.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you help me plan the theme?
A: Of course. We can help plan and coordinate any part of the party planning process; we have an entire event planning team in-house.

Q: How far in advance should I send invitations out?
A: We suggest 6 weeks in advance if not more so that guests have plenty of time to plan and coordinate.

Q: Can I negotiate the price with a venue?
A: You can, however, this time is notoriously busy and venues may not be willing to budge on pricing since demand is high this time of year.