5 Tips to Help You Plan an Intimate Wedding
Plan an Intimate Wedding

Here are five tips to plan an intimate wedding. The soon-to-be bride and groom have agreed to get married! The proposal was flawless! And now the happy couple has selected the date. And you, being their very good friend, have been tasked to coordinate the whole thing! Here are five tips to help you plan an intimate wedding.

Tip #1: When you plan an intimate wedding, decide the location first.

What kind of intimate wedding venues in Los Angeles are you looking at? There are so many options and so many really good magazine worthy themes that sometimes it is hard to even make decisions when it comes to a wedding.

When it comes to an intimate wedding, you will need to decide where the event will take place. Is it going to be a destination wedding? This will be expensive, but it will greatly reduce the number of guests you can invite, which will help cut on costs. This is a great option!

But if it’s not a destination wedding in Hawaii, what else are you thinking? Maybe you will get married in a beautiful traditional church? Or maybe your style is to get married in an eclectic building downtown. Either way, make sure you decide that as soon as possible. This will set the tone for the rest of the planning and allow for next big decisions to be made.

Tip #2: When you plan an intimate wedding, set a date, but be flexible.  

The earlier you can book your date, the better. When looking for a venue, the best option is to have an option of different days to choose. This is especially true if you really love the venue. The earlier you can book this intimate wedding the more likely you will be able to reserve the exact date you desire. If you are pushing for a last minute event, certain ‘hot’ days will most likely already be taken such as Friday and Saturday nights.

Depending on what time of year the wedding will take place, you can look ahead to see how to find wedding venue. You will need to know if you want the ceremony outside or inside. You will also want to know your guests count as all these answers will help you to be able to book the event space early for an intimate wedding.

Tip #3: When you plan an intimate wedding, lay out a budget now.

How to decide a wedding budget? There are many things on the checklist for small weddings, but one of the greatest things to decide is the budget you are willing to spend. How much money do you want to invest on this big day. If it is your wedding, you will have to decide between you and your future spouse (and anyone else payingthe bill) as to what this number is going to be. If you are planning this wedding for someone else, make sure to get this number as soon as possible. You don’t want the people paying to be surprised at purchases you have made!

Remember, there are many things that cause a wedding cost to add up. Here are a couple things to keep in mind as you are planning an intimate wedding. Even though it is smaller, it can still be costly.

  • The Venue
  • The Dress
  • The Food
  • Bridal Party Attire
  • Travel Costs
  • Real Flowers
  • Photographer/Videographer

Tip #4: Who’s coming to the intimate wedding?  

The venue and food selection you choose will determine the price of each guests. This will help dictate how many people you can invite to the smaller venue. A small intimate wedding stays under the fifty number mark. Anything over that starts to turn into a medium or even large wedding, especially when it comes to cost.

So who should I invite to an intimate wedding? A good rule of thumb is to invite the family of the bride and groom and about 20 friends. This would roughly be about 50 people. You would have to decide if you are allowing for a plus one, but that’s totally up to you! Keep in mind, that will increase your head count.

Tip #5: When you plan an intimate wedding, decide what is really important.

Everything can’t be the most important thing. Unless you have been given the green light to spend as much money as you want, you will probably have to compromise on a few things. But that’s ok! Choose what is the most important thing to you! What are the certain FEW things your intimate wedding has to have?

Here are a couple ideas to save on cash for things that are NOT your number one priority for the big day.

  • Try fake flowers. Not all your flowers have to be real. Mix it up! Use fake flowers for decoration while using real flowers for the bouquets. What a great trick!
  • Borrow a friend’s veil. Something has to be borrowed anyways, right? Veils can be so expensive and many of your married friends probably have their veil form their own wedding. Ask to borrow one from a friend or relative. They may be honored to share!
  • Do you have a photography friend? Ask if their gift to you can be for them to shoot your wedding (or maybe get a discount).

Remember important dos and don’ts as you book the wedding venue. These are just a few tips to help you plan for an intimate wedding. To find out more advice on how to plan, check out this article here.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it important to have a wedding event planner?

A. Wedding event planners are best for those who want to have a stress-free wedding. They are experts in the field of weddings and can make all the decisions for you, from picking the venue to designing the decor.

Q. How can I find the perfect venue for my wedding?

A. The venue that you choose for your wedding day should reflect who you are as a couple and what kind of style you would like for your big day. You should also consider things like venue amenities, accessibility, transport links, parking, food and drink options, number of guests that can be accommodated at the venue, cost per person and more. 

Q. What should you do before you start organizing your wedding?

A. A wedding is the ultimate life event and it is important to make sure that all the details are taken care of before you start planning. Here are some things that you should do before you start organizing your wedding know what kind of wedding you want, get a venue, choose a date and time, choose your guest list, & decide on a budget.