How to Find Venues to Play Music
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Are you searching how to find venues to play music? Are you in a band? Looking for the next best spot to jam with your friends? Here are four tips to help you know how to find the best spots where artists can play live music.

1. To find venues to play music, you must do your research.

Are you looking for a venue for music night? There are so many different spots to play music. Whether you are looking for a spot downtown or prefer a spot in the Miracle Mile District, there are countless options to choose from.

When looking for the right venue, do your due diligence in researching several different options. Don’t look at one spot and be done. Go visit many different sites. Look at pictures online. Check out virtual tours. Go in person! Pictures never do a location justice.

Make sure to know what you need for your concert venue. Will you need an outdoor location? Will you need a green room? Does your band desire to play on a stage? The more research you do looking for your needed location, the better venue you will find.

2. To find venues to play music, you must decide your guest count.

No matter what type of music event you are planning, music concert theme ideas is chosen, or what instruments are played; you will need to know who is coming to listen! Who are your guests? Who are you inviting to the venue? Based on this number (which can be your best guess), you will be able to choose a good location for you.

Will you need a spot that seats an intimate group of 50 to 100? Or are you searching for a larger venue that seats 500 or more? This will help you navigate the thousands of different options that are available.

3. To find venues to play music, you must know when you need the space.

When looking at your music event checklist, you will need to know the date for your live event (or at least have a general range). Depending on the popularity of the venue, some locations are booked six months to a year in advance. If you live in a city like Los Angeles where there are an abundant supply of venues, you are more likely to find something with availability. The best advice is to know your date and start looking early!

4. To find venues to play music, you must be flexible!

Finally, no matter what type of event you are trying to land, you will need to be flexible. Concert Venue in Los Angeles are always available. So whether you are playing live music or you need a venue for product launch in Los Angeles, be flexible. Know the few things you MUST have, but allow wiggle room for things that are not as important.

Hopefully these four tips help you find the perfect venue to play music! For another great article, click here.

Find Venues to Play Music
Find Venues to Play Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are outdoors spaces a good option?
A: Outdoor spaces are beautiful and create an amazing vibe for certain types of events. One of the hardest things about an outdoor venue is the lack of control with the environment. A person can never control the weather. You cannot control cars driving by or people talking in the distance. Before booking a spot, make sure you visit your location around the time your actual event will be so you can get a feel for that area at that specific time.

Q: How do you reserve your spot at a venue rental in Los Angeles?
A: Once you find the perfect venue for your event, most rental venues will send you or your company a contract to sign. This contract will lay out all the details of your agreement from pricing to date, to timeline, etc. Most locations will require you to pay a 50% deposit to reserve the date. Make sure your date is right so you don’t lose money with minor mistakes. Once that first step is complete, the site coordinator will typically follow up with you to confirm all needed forms, information, and final payments.

Q: What about parking?
A: This is a great question! You should ALWAYS ask the venue about parking. Some rental spots will have a parking lot for your guests while others will offer a valet service. Some will inform you that street parking is available. All these options are good, but it is important to know ahead of time so you can inform your guests.