How Do I Find a Venue for My Next Event?

When COVID-19 hit the world, that changed how events took place, especially living in Los Angeles. While zoom was great, there was a face-to-face connection that was missing. Hosting a live and in person event is crucial for many different businesses and organizations. So, whether you’re looking to host a birthday party rental space, a corporate event in Los Angeles, or even a small music venue in Los Angeles, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect venue for your next event. Our favorite event space rentals are in Los Angeles!

1. Consider the Types of Venues for Event.

There are so many different types of venues for your event. That is why it is essential to decide what event you will have. Is this a birthday party in LA? Or a filming & photoshoot event in LA? Or a holiday party in los angeles or even a small music venue in Los Angeles, etc. Maybe you're hosting a large party or a small and more intimate gathering? All these questions help guide you to find the right venue for your event. You also need to consider what feel you desire for the space. Are you looking for an eclectic vintage vibe or are you looking for a sheik and modern atmosphere? Locking in these details will help guide you on your search.

2. Decide your budget for your next event.

Let’s talk about money. How much are you willing to spend? Knowing the amount you are willing to spend for your next venue rental will help guide you on where to search. So set yourself a budget and stick with it. Some venues will be right in your sweet spot while others will be way out of your range. The key is to stay in your budget and ask all the needed questions to meet your desires. Sometimes when talking with an event coordinator you can ask them if they have another location with a different price. For example, if one location you really like is a bit over your budget, you can ask if they have another venue that might be closer to your range.

3. Choose an Optimal Location to find the venue.  

When choosing a venue for an event, location is key. Where do you want your venue to take place? Are you looking for a great spot by the beach? Are your guests wanting a rooftop gathering downtown? Where do you want to have your event? Knowing the location, whether that is in Los Angeles or Long Beach, will be helpful as you search for the venue space.

4. Tour Event Venues.

There are many beautiful event venues like birthday parties, holiday parties, or venues for engagement parties in Los Angeles. Go and check them out when you are looking for a space. Believe me, in person can look WAY different than a picture online. It is important to see the location before you book the spot. Here are some important questions to ask as well. What is the venue capacity? Are there any venue requirements? Is there a specific venue layout you like? Make sure the space you are considering to rent can meet your needs.

5. Ask about Amenities and Fees in your desired venue.

This is a simple one. Ask the event space coordinator what is offered and available in their venue. Sometimes they will offer chair rentals, table rentals, or even add these on to the rental package. Another good question is to ask about the fees along with the rental prices. Most venues charge an AV fee, cleaning fee, and others.

Good luck to you as you search for the perfect Los Angeles venue for your next event! You may not know how to rent a venue; but at Brickroom LA, we have a team willing and excited to help! Let us know and we can connect with you to answer any of your questions.

Some events are great in your home, but for events like Christmas & holiday parties, you need an event venue. To learn more about finding the perfect venue for your next event, check out the following blog.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t know how many people are coming to my event yet?
This will happen. Even if your invite is beautiful and clearly states a date in which to let you know if you will be attending or not, people are still last minute sometimes. In this case, estimate how many people you think will attend. You do not need an exact number. Whether you are thinking a 30-person small gathering or a 150-person party, give yourself some grace on the numbers.

Q: What about parking?
A: This is a great question! You should ALWAYS ask the venue about parking. Some rental spots will have a parking lot for your guests while others will offer a valet service. Some will inform you that street parking is available. All these options are good, but it is important to know ahead of time so you can inform your guests.

Q: What if I am planning a last-minute event?
A: Last minute events can still be a success! Make sure to know what you need and your price range and get to work! If you choose a great venue and you can even hire an event planner, it is possible. Do not worry! (But you should probably start today!)