Five Helpful Holiday Party Tips
Helpful Holiday Party Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And with that comes all the wonderful parties, dinners, and gift-giving moments! With all the craziness of the season, here are five helpful holiday party tips for your next event. 

Tip 1: Plan ahead. 

The worst thing to do is wait until the last minute to try and get everything done. Plan ahead! One of the greatest holiday party tips is to get way ahead! When are you having a party? Select a date. Invite your friends and family. Plan what you will be doing. You know Christmas is coming (it comes every year!). Plan it out ahead of time. Plan the best holiday party for your guest. So get ahead of the game and make some plans. 

Don't forget to decide where your party is going to take place. Some events are great in your home, but some events you will need to rent a venue space.

Tip 2: Prepare the Menu. 

Do you have a traditional meal for Christmas? Or do you spice it up and add all different things? Either way, create a menu. Choose what proteins will be served, what vegetables are needed, and what delicious desserts will be baked. 

Another helpful holiday party tip, shop early! Those items that will not go bad, get them now! Any for everything else, get the perishable items as early as you can. Most of the time you will start the cooking process the night before, so don’t wait until that day to go shopping. Get ahead! 

Tip 3: Delegate to friends and family. 

Here is the best helpful holiday party tip of the whole article. For party tips and holiday planning tips, you do  not have to do it all by yourself! Delegate! Assign your friends and family some of the roles. In fact, make a whole list of all the things that need to be done to make this party happen and then delegate different roles. 

Do you really have to get the ice? Can’t your brother grab that? Do you really have to purchase all the bottled waters or soda? Someone else can bring that? What else can be given away? What is something you hate to make? There is probably someone in your friend circle who loves to make that! Divide and conquer so everyone can win! 

Tip 4: Be prepared for those awkward moments. 

You know there are going to be some awkward moments at the next holiday party. Or maybe it’s that moment after everyone has eaten and the food coma takes over. Whatever the reason, there are going to be some dull or high pressure moments at your next Christmas event. Don’t worry! Embrace those moments. In fact, be ready for them! 

Here are a few ideas to fill in some awkward family moments: 

  • Provide paper and crayons as the table cloth. 
  • Leave puzzles on the tables. 
  • Purchase Scrabble letters on Amazon and leave them on the table. Instruct people to make a word they are thankful for this year. 
  • Put some Board Games out. 
  • Funny Discussion Questions will provide a few laughs. 

Tip 5: Decorations are needed. 

Especially at Christmas time, make sure to have some festive decorations. Some people will go all out for Christmas, but even one simple small green will do the trick. You can pick something up from Target or order it online, but a few Christmas decorations go along way. 

We hope you enjoyed these five helpful holiday party tips. Prepare a checklist when planning a Christmas party to know what you need/want and how much you can spend before hunting for the perfect venue. For more helpful holiday party tips, check out another great article here. Hope you have a great holiday season! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you help me plan a holiday party from venue to catering? 

A: Yes, it’s what we do best. From selecting the venue to the theme, décor, and catering, we can help you throughout the entire process. 

Q: I have a specific budget in mind. Can you work within it?

A: We always aim to please. Whatever budget you have set, we will work to ensure you’re happy and on track.