Top Ideas to Get your Guests Mingling
Ideas to Get Your Guests Mingling

So you are in charge of hosting the next party? One of the greatest desires at any party is for your guests to have a great time! Here are four ideas to get your guests mingling. 

Tip #1: Create a Great environment. 

One of the best ideas to get your guests mingling is to create an incredible environment. This environment should include several areas where people can simply ‘hang out’ and talk to each other. The layout of the event is something that happens before a guests every arrives, but can make a huge difference between a great event and an awkward event. Depending on the type of event you will be hosting, here are some questions to ask yourself when setting up the event. 

  • How should I set the lighting? Does my venue offer dimmed lighting? 
  • How should I set up the tables? Can I do a lounge set up as well? 
  • What is the flow of traffic? 
  • Do I have enough seats for my guest count? 

Tip #2: Provide an Opportunity to take pictures!

Another way to ideas to get your guests mingling is to provide a photo opportunity. Photo booths are always a HUGE hit at parties! If you have a bigger budget, consider renting from an actual vendor. You can rent a photo booth where guest go inside or a 360 degree rotating photo booth. 

Another more affordable option is to create a fun backdrop where your guests can take a picture with their own phones. You can hire a company like Jovial to create a beautiful balloon arch or you can even create your own! Here are some easy options you can order right from Amazon

Tip #3: Offer Food and Drinks. 

Another one of many ideas to get your guests mingling is providing food and drink! Even if you don’t plant on having a meal at your event, make sure you have something to snack on. Grabbing a drink or a snack help create comfortable spaces for people. It’s nice just to have something in your hand while socializing with other people, especially when you're new to the party! 

Consider offering water, lemonade, or alcohol at your event. Charcuterie boards are also really in right now and make for a beautiful display! 

Tip #4: Do something Creative. 

Our final tip is to try and do something creative for your guests. Maybe you can have a paper tablecloth that they can write fun notes to the birthday girl. Maybe you provide scrabble letters throughout the venue and guests can write out what they are thankful for. Here are some fun ideas for something creative at your event:

  • Provide Board Games. 
  • Paper Table cloth for doodling. 
  • Polaroid Camera at each table.
  • Question box at each seating area. 

We hope these creative ideas help to get your guests mingling at your next party. Here is another great article with other ideas to keep your guests connected. Here’s to a great party!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How far in advance do I have to book my event in an events pace? 
The earlier you can book your event, the better. This is especially true in for corporate events in event spaces in Los Angeles. This ensures you will get the date that you want for your event for a good price. The longer you wait the less availability and the higher the prices. Having said that, we can always put together a last minute event! 

Q: Do I really need to do a walk through? 
YES!!! In reality, no. You do not have to do a walk through. However, walking through the building helps eliminate any surprises on the day of the event and helps you to better plan for your party.