How do you plan a holiday party?

The holidays will be here before you know it. Soon enough we’ll hear the music of Rudolph and his red nose followed by chestnuts roasting on an open fire. You will blink and just like that, every store will be displaying the red and green colors of the Christmas season. Whether you play festive music in November or wait until December, the best time of the year will soon be here!

The Ultimate Holiday Party Planning Guide.

But there’s a catch! Your task is to plan a holiday party, and for that, you need the perfect holiday party venue in Los Angeles. As you think through all the holiday events you have been to in previous years, you start to worry about your ability to plan such an important party. But don’t dismay! Here are a couple tips for you to plan the greatest holiday get together your friends and family have ever seen.  

1: Decide the Type of Holiday Party.

You need to decide what kind of party is this going to be? Is this a family holiday party? Is this a corporate holiday party planning? There are clearly very different kinds of parties so it’s important to decide what type of event you will be throwing before you start planning.

2: Location is Key for your holiday party.

The venue for the holiday party is very important. A holiday party venue rental in Los Angeles can be tough to find. The earlier you plan, the better. The space you rent will be different for a family holiday gathering than your corporate event venues in Los Angeles. Make sure to look around and take a tour of some different options. Choose a location that will be ideal for your clients to find, contains the proper elements for your event, and falls in your price range.

3: Who’s Coming to this party?

Once you know if you are hosting a rockin’ around the Christmas tree dance or if it will be more of a silent night dinner, the next question to ask is who is coming? The names are not as important, but the quantity is vital. This can make or break a deal with your favorite venue. Most places will do their best to accommodate your needs, but it is important to know a range of how many guests you expect to be at the Holiday Christmas Party this year.

4: Feed the Guests at the holiday party.

Make sure you plan a delicious spread of food for your guests to enjoy at your holiday party. No one wants to be hungry. The more the merrier! A quick tip would be to double check with your venue before the event on what food you are allowed to bring in. This is important so there no surprises for you on the day of the event.

5: What will we do at the holiday party?

Remember that scene in The Santa Clause 2 with Tim Allen where all his date’s coworkers were sitting around the school cafeteria bored out of their minds? They couldn’t wait for the event to be over. The party planner of that event chose a terrible location. But worse, that person had zero activities planned! Make sure at your holiday event there is a schedule or plan for what activities will be taking place. Maybe there will be dancing at your event or live music in your Los Angeles venue! Whatever it is, plan it out ahead of time.

6. Don’t forget the Décor!

Half of Christmas is the Christmas decorations! Make sure you have someone or a team in charge of the decorations for the event. When renting a venue space, check with the event coordinator to see what holiday decorations the venue will be providing. Some venue rentals will decorate for the Christmas season while others will not.

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The Ultimate Holiday Party Planning Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How should a Christmas party be organised?

A. Find the date to host the party. Look for the location for extended groups. Select a theme to fix the tone for decorations. Create a list of guests and look for the party invitations. After you are done with your invitation, set a budget for food and decoration. But first, start preparing in advance.

Q2. What is a good time to start a Christmas party?

A. Try to begin your preparations six weeks before Christmas. This will allow you to invite your guests in advance so that they won't make any other plans for that day and give you ample time to arrange the Family Holiday Party. Decide on a time and date. Avoid scheduling your gathering too soon after Christmas.

Q3. How to select a location for an event?

A. Firstly consider the type of event you will be having. See if you're looking for a birthday party rental space or if it's a wedding or an intimate gathering. Fix your budget for the event. Look for an excellent place for your event to take place. After your venue is fixed, see what amenities they are offering.