Is An Event Planner A Great Investment?

The event planning industry is a successful one because it is not easy to plan and manage an event all on your own, especially with little to no experience. That’s why we consider ourselves experts. With so many moving parts of an event to keep track of, it can be a stressful space to navigate, and hiring an event planner for corporate events, weddings, etc will only make your life that much easier. We have laid out a few tips below to help you make an event planning investment you won’t regret.

What are the benefits of hiring an event planner?

So you may be asking how can an event planner help you? We wanted to break down the three most valuable takeaways.

1. Time

First and foremost, the amount of time you will save planning your event is monumental. An event planner usually has years of experience navigating the event industry and knows the ins and outs of it. They will be able to inform you about things you never probably even thought of such as liquor costs, permits, event flow, logistics, and so forth. They will also help prevent you from making mistakes and having to spend time going back to correct and fix them.

2. Energy

Second, they will save you so much stress and energy when it comes to planning your event. All the finite details of an event can be draining. Searching for event venues and deciding how many guests you want to invite is the easy part. Once you dive into floral arrangements, AV and tech setup, theme and color coordination, and so forth, you may end up feeling more exhausted when thinking about your event than excited. Ultimately, the event planner allows you to enjoy your event as much as your guests do and takes the burden off of you entirely.

3. Money

Because this isn’t the event planner’s first rodeo, they are efficient and an expert in navigating the cost of your event. Usually, planners have budget breakdowns to help them stay organized and to navigate while negotiating. Doing this several times previously, they know where they can save you money and because they get it right the first time, you will not be spending money trying to undo mistakes made.

What should I look for in an event planner?

Whether you decide to book an event planner through word-of-mouth or go with a well-known event management company, there are traits you should be looking for as you decide.

1. Organization

First and foremost, you will want to make sure your event planner is organized and has a system in place for how they operate. This will ensure you are kept in the loop on the timeline and can see when certain things are scheduled and expected to be completed. Event planners live and breathe project briefs and timelines, so if you meet with an event planner, and they do not seem organized, your event could have bigger issues.

2. Sales Expertise

Because an event planner in the face of your event and partakes in quite a bit of negotiating on your behalf, you will want to make sure they have a sales presence. They usually help negotiate the venue, liquor, furniture, etc. on your behalf to help you stay within budget. If they do not have sales expertise, you could end up paying out of pocket more than you need to.

3. Vision

Finally, you want an event planner who is passionate about what they do and has a vision. You will be leaning on them for their knowledge and expertise, and having a planner who knows what they are doing and what they want the outcome to be will only benefit you. This will ensure your event is everything you imagined it to be.

These tips will give you a head start as you begin looking for an event planner. At Brick Room LA, we have an entire event planning team who works directly with us and would be more than happy to discuss further with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are event planners expensive?

A: That depends on how many years of experience they have and whether they work for a company or they are independent. However, when you compare the cost of an event planner to all the time and money that could be wasted from not knowing what you are doing, we say an event planner is worth it every time.

Q: If I go with an event planner through word-of-mouth, how do I make sure they are credible?

A: We always recommend seeing their portfolio so you have examples to go off of for events they have organized in the past. You can also ask them to direct you to their website, you can look at reviews as well.

Q: If I try to plan the event myself and realize I need a planner halfway through, can I still hire?

A: Yes. An event planner can accommodate during any phase of the event planning process. However, don’t be alarmed if they have suggestions for you based on work you have already done.