What Are Some Dos and Don’ts of Venue Booking?

When it comes to booking an event space, we want to review what the do's and don'ts are of booking a venue, but first, let's review the basics.

What is venue booking and why is the venue important for an event?

Venue booking is when you rent out a space for a particular event to take place in. This usually entails touring different venues to see which one matches your standards and expectations. The venue is important because it affects your entire vision when it comes to layout, décor, convenience, guest capacity, and so forth, so it's crucial to get it right.

So let's dive into the Dos and Don'ts of venue booking so you feel prepared.

1. DO speak with your Venue Consultant

You may find yourself wondering what to ask your event venue consultant before booking a venue and we're here to help. Your venue consultant is a key resource when it comes to booking the venue. You will want to ask them about capacity, layout, budget, and so forth so you are on the same page as you begin looking for an event space. They will be a helpful resource as you navigate this space.

2. DON'T lose sight of your priorities

It's easy when you start looking at venues to get swept up with grandiose details instead of staying focused on your true priorities. You may be married to a story about the space such as a historical event that took place there or that a celebrity threw an event here, and it's easy to become star-struck. But if you make a list beforehand of your must-haves, you can then review that list as you start looking and bring yourself down to earth again when frivolous things seem so important for a  moment.

3. DO be flexible on dates

Event venues will charge premiums on days and nights that are more popular to host events such as weekends, holidays, and certain seasons. If you are flexible on your dates, you won't pay nearly as much. For example, if you book an event on a Thursday evening as opposed to a Saturday, you will save significantly. People have also started booking events on holiday weekends like Sundays, so people have the next day off of work. However, depending on the type of event you are having, the venue could be more expensive due to a holiday. As long as you do your research ahead of time, the date shouldn't be an issue.

4. DON'T be afraid to negotiate the price

When it comes to looking up "event places near me," make sure you're looking at various options. This will not only help you compare different spaces based on your needs and wants but also helps give you leverage when negotiating price. You can bring up other venues you're looking at and compare pricing packages and offerings side by side. This gives you an advantage rather than going in blind with nothing to compare to. 

5. DO keep venue structure in mind

When it comes to the layout and foundation of the venue, this says a lot about your event. If you do not like an odd-shaped forum or paneling on the ceiling, it doesn't matter how many decors you fill that room with, those two foundational pieces are still going to be present. You want to make sure that when you tour venues, you like the venue as is with minimal décor. This way, whatever you do to add to the space itself, will just make it that much better. There's nothing worse than spending a big chunk of money on something you only halfway liked.

6. DON'T wait last minute

We always recommend for any event to plan ahead! There is nothing worse than the stress that comes along with planning a rushed event. Details always go missed and you will constantly be fretting if things will turn out the way you envisioned them (which they won't if everything is done last minute). So the safest thing you can do is give yourself more than enough time to book and plan so your event runs smoothly and accordingly.

At Brick Room LA Venue, we have an entire team dedicated to venue booking and event planning and are more than happy to discuss further in detail with you. We aim to make your life as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I try to negotiate and they don't budge on pricing?

A: This will happen. If that's the case, you then compare your priorities and see if the price is worth it for your event.

Q: If I do plan last minute, will my event be a disaster?

A: Not necessarily. If you hire a great venue booking consultant and event planner, they may be able to help pull it off just in time, without anyone noticing. We are more than happy to help in that department.

Q: Will a venue consultant is involved if I don't know what I'm doing?

A: Yes, that is exactly why they are here. To help you navigate the space of events and make sure you're prepared and successful.