3 Tips for Exploring the Top Music Venues in Los Angeles for an Unforgettable Night of Entertainment
Music Venues

Music venues are always fun to find in Los Angeles. Here are 4 Tips for finding the best spots in town and having a great night full of entertainment.

Music Venues

Have you enjoyed the Vibrant Music Scene of Los Angeles?

There are so many opportunities to enjoy the music scene in Los Angeles. Here are a few things you can do to really enjoy the local artists in this amazing city.

Enjoy the Smaller Music Venues in LA

While the best spots to listen to music in Los Angeles are going to be your historical spots where legends have sung and performed. However, stopping by some of the smaller venues in town are quite the treat! While you won't see Beyoncé at any of these spots, you will still get some really good music.

A local pub or a open-late coffee shop sometimes show upcoming artists who are creating amazing work.

Support a Local Artist

Having said that, one of the greatest things you can do to truly experience the music vibe in LA is to support the local artists. The talent in this city is simply incredible. You won't live here long without meeting someone who is 'trying to make it.'

Check out Instagram or Eventbrite to see when some people are performing near you. Once you know someone, you won't ever have to wonder again because artists will post about their upcoming shows often. Most tickets to their events will be free or somewhere around $10.

Listen to New Artists Songs

If you enjoy an artist's song, go check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you listen to your favorite jams. Not only are you enjoying the song, but you are also supporting that artist and the work they do. For that matter, subscribe and give them a follow on their social media channels!

We love supporting the local talent here in Los Angeles.

Music Venues

3 Tips to Find the Best Music Venues in Town

There are SO many incredible music venues in the City of Angels. Here are four tips to help you find some of the greatest spots.

Tip #1: Ask the Locals!

Are you new to LA? Looking for some of the best music venues? The best thing you can do is to ask the locals! Ask your neighbors or people who have grown up in Los Angeles to see where they think the best venues are in town. There are so many options! It will be hard to visit them all for yourself.

Tip #2: Do Your Own Research

Another tip is to do your research. A simple google search will lead you to many results about the best music venues in town. There are many blog writers who have compiled a list of their favorite spots in this great city.

Everyone will have their own opinion about which venue they enjoy the best. Some of the older crowd will have drastically different opinions than the younger crowd, but the diversity in options makes this city so beautiful!

Here are some of our Favorite Spots!

  • The Hollywood Bowl
  • The Wiltern
  • The Troubadour
  • Brickroom LA
  • The Greek Theatr
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

Tip #3: Visit Music Venues in Town

At the end of the day, the best experience you will have is to visit some spots yourself. Find some good music being played in town and visit some of the options above. Of course, you will want to wait until someone you enjoy is actually performing. But even still, some of these locations create an amazing experience themselves.

Music Venues

We hope this article helps you find a great music venue for your next event. Here is another great blog to help you. Happy planning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I perform at a music venue?
You can always ask the owner of smaller venues what it takes to perform there. You can also be invited by a connection to plat at an event. Finally, you can pay to rent out a space.

Q: If I am planning a concert last minute, will I still be able to book a venue?
Yes! Even though it's always better to plan early, you can still get a venue booked. You might have to be a little more flexible on your exact date or flexible on where it is going to take place.