Exploring the Charm of a Small Concert Venue in Los Angeles
Small Concert Venue

Need a small concert venue? While there are many grand venues that will seat hundred if not thousands of people, there are even more smaller concert venues that hold less than 100 for the up and coming new artists.

These are the beautiful spots in LA where musicians and vocalists alike hone in there skills and perform in front of intimate small gatherings. Many times, this might be the first time these singers have ever performed in front of a live audience.

Rachel who often plays at the UnUrban Coffee never sang in front of an audience until she moved to Los Angeles. It was in a small concert venue where she was able to refine her skills and blossom into an incredible songwriter.

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The Unique Vibes and Features of Small Concert Venues That Make Them Special

There are many things that make a small concert venue an ideal location for your next concert.

A smaller concert venue has an intimate vibe.

When you are just starting off (or even if you have been playing for awhile!), there are many times when you will have a small audience showing up to your events. Even with multiple artists performing, it can be hard to fill up a large concert venue.

Some of the best spots in LA, are the smaller venues that will only seat 50 to 100 people. Those are the spaces that create a more intimate vibe which is desired by many people.

These smaller venues are super affordable!

When you are looking to book a rental space, you will realize very quickly that the prices can be very high! When you are looking at a small venue, the prices will drastically drop. If you are looking to book a concert for around 100 people, those prices can be much more affordable than some of the larger spots.

If your budget is tight or you are doing a free show, it might be more manageable to start with a small concert venue.

The locals love them!

On top of being a perfect fit and affordable, the locals love the small concert venues in town! Many of the people have frequented these local spots for years, if not decades. While people from all over the world will travel to visit some of LA's bigger concert halls (and we love those too), when you sit at a corner theater or concert venue, know that many people around you live in that very neighborhood.

Tips for Enjoying a Night Out at a Small Music Venue in the City of Angels

Tip #1: Book your Tickets in Advance.

Most of the shows at smaller concert venues will not sell out; however, it helps the person planning the event know who is coming and how many people they should prepare for. Whether you have to buy a ticket or not, reserve your spot to encourage the artists and the planners of the concert.

Tip #2: Enjoy the local Restaurants.

To start your night, try one of the many amazing local restaurants here in LA. There are so many incredible spots to try. Many of the local spots have their owner living just a few blocks away from the actual restaurant. Some spots to try include Met Him at a Bar, Her Thai, and Caribbean Soul Kitchen.

Tip #3: Plan your Parking Ahead of Time.

We all know that parking can be pretty crazy in LA! Nothing ruins a night on the town like circling the block several times looking for parking. Before you go to a show, call the organizer ahead of time and ask them about parking. If the event is held at a coffee shop or something like that, call the shop and ask where the best parking in especially in the evening. They will know!

We hope you enjoyed this article on smaller concert venues and the charm they add to our incredible city. Here is another great article to help you plan your next concert. Happy planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to know my guest count to book a concert venue?
While you do not need to know the exact number, you will need to know a general ballpark idea so you can choose the right venue for you.

Q: What if I need to cancel my event?
Most venues have a policy in the contract you sign. While most venues will not refund your deposit, they will most likely carry over that payment to book a different night if that is something you want to do.