5 Easy Tips to Plan a Concert Event
Plan a Concert Event

Are you looking to plan a concert event? There are several things to remember when holding a live musical event. Here are five tips to help you plan your next concert & to help you know how to find the best concert & music events venue where artists can play live music.

1. Set the Budget.

One of the first things to know when you plan a concert event is the budget. You will need to be aware of how much money you are willing to spend. Here are some questions to ask yourself when setting the budget.

  • How much will the artists cost?
  • Will there be extra expenses like airplane tickets or hotel stays?
  • How many people are invited to the concert?
  • What vendors will be needed at the concert?
  • Is décor such as a balloon arch or photo booth needed at this event?
  • Where is the concert going to take place?

All these questions will help set the budget for your concert event. Keep in mind, things tend to be a little more expensive then we first plan so make sure to add some margin into your budget for unexpected expenses or charges.

2. Choose a Venue.

What kind of concert is this going to be? The second thing to remember when you plan a concert event is that the venue will be an extremely important part in planning this event. Are you looking for a small concert venue in Los Angeles? Or are you thinking your event will need  a large outdoor seating arena? Whatever your desire, the venue is going to be one of the largest expenses for your event.

Make sure to start looking for a venue early so you can get the best rates on a space. Last-minute events tend to be limited on date availability and costs tend to go up.  So plan ahead! Here are some questions to keep in mind when looking for the perfect venue.

  • How many people can fit standing up or in theater style seating?
  • Are there enough bathrooms in this venue?
  • What does parking look like?
  • What are the extra costs?
  • Am I allowed to have a site-visit to plan before the event?
  • Does the venue provide furniture or chairs?

3. Select the Artists.

Obviously, the big question when you plan a concert event will be who is performing? Make sure to lock this detail in with enough time to properly promote your event. There are many different options when planning for a concert. You can use one large performer or you could even get several smaller name performers to fill the spot.

Connect with an old friend or do some cold calls. The worst they can say is, ‘no.’ But they might say yes! Once you have your artists locked in, you can properly promote for your event. Depending on the size of your concert, 6-9 months is a good amount of time to prepare for a concert.

4. Set Up Tech Equipment

When you plan a concert event, you will need to confirm what equipment they have available for their events. Most event spaces allow you to rent and bring in outside equipment; however, this is an extra cost for you. The best option is when an event venue has everything you need to plug in to their own system. Some of the needed items to be aware of is your sound equipment, light equipment, LED screens, and lights and sound around the venue. Will the musicians be able to plug in to the speakers? All these are good questions to ask ahead of time.

You will also need enough time to set up the day of the event or even the day before. Based on your contract, make sure to connect with the venue’s tech team before the event and set up plenty of time to set up and check to make sure everything works for your event.  

5. Finalize Details.   

In any event, there are MANY details to plan ahead of time. Hiring an event planner can help take a lot of pressure off and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Make sure to get organized before the event with all your needs and desires so you can be prepared.

Typically, event spaces will ask for some type of insurance from their clients and all the needed vendors. They will also want to know all the details of your event. This is so they can help your event run as smooth as possible and there are no surprises for them. The more details about your event you can provide, the better!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a concert?
A: In the world of event planning, a concert typically deals with artists who perform live music. When looking for the right venue, it is important to know the size of the band and their needs to you can accommodate appropriately.

Q: How long does it take to plan a concert?
A: This answer really depends on the size of the event. Typically, 6-9 months is a safe timeline to plan for a concert event. This leaves you room to book the artists and find the right venue. However, last minute concerts are always possible as well!