How to Plan a Social Event
Plan a Social Event

Are you looking to plan a social event? Not sure where to start? Whether you are looking for a venue for a product launch in Los Angeles or looking for one of the LA Comedy Clubs, here are a few questions to ask when social event planning.

What is a social event?

A social event could be anything from a corporate event in Los Angeles to a holiday party close to the beach. A social event could be a birthday party for your closest friends or a Anniversary party for your family. You can plan a social event for any time you want to gather people together to remember or celebrate something in your life or business.

Many times people tend to have social gatherings around holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays. These are fun events to take time out of the routine of life and celebrate what matters most in our lives.

Where is the best venue for a social event?

Finding the right spot is a key aspect when you plan a social event. There are so many good event spaces to choose from. You can go for a modern ballroom or an eclectic theater. An outdoor patio may be what you are looking or a cozy back room near a fireplace. Whatever you are thinking here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Set your budget before you start searching.
  • Decide what you need from a venue (Don’t forget bathrooms and parking).
  • Ask during a site visit what the venue provides (furniture, recommended vendors, etc.).
  • Know the extra fees (most venues require a cleaning and security fee).
  • Don’t fall in love with the venue too quick!

How do you organize a social event?

There are so many things that will help you when you plan a social event. Many people hire an event planner to help with many of the necessary details. However, here is a list of things that must be planned in order to have a smooth event.

  • Insurance for Venue
  • Decorations for the Event
  • Needed Vendors (DJ, Photobooth, Bar Service, etc.)
  • Load In Crew
  • Guest List and Invitations
  • Food for the Guests

What are some things to remember when you plan a social event?

We thoughts of some things that people tend to forget when planning a social event and we wanted to share those thoughts with you.

Don’t forget your team to help you set up! The event space team is hired to make sure you can enter and exit the building. Their team is to make sure your event runs smooth and that you stay within in the guidelines of your contract. Unless you have hired a labor crew, you are responsible to set up your social event. So make sure you have a game plan to make that happen. Hire a team or bring some good friends!

Give the Venue staff as much information as possible. The more information you give the venue staff, the smoother your day will go. Connect the on-site coordinator with your vendors so they can help let them in when they arrive. Make sure the venue team knows what you are doing and when it should be done. This will help the day of your event be the best it can be.

Have a great time! With all the business and craziness of the event, make sure you (and your family and friends) enjoy the event! If your social event is a birthday party or celebration, don’t get lost in all the details that you forget to have a great time! Social events are meant to bring joy and laugher. So once everything is planned, relax and enjoy the night. For more information on how to plan a social event, check out this blog here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a good budget for my event?
A: It depends on the artist, the venue and how big your event is. You can always discuss with an event planner or the venue to figure out a realistic budget.

Q: Do most event have a dress code?
A: Most do not; however, we think it is a fun way to tie in the theme and décor. Many people find the holidays a good time of the year to dress up.