Plan An Engagement Party: Five Questions to Help You Get Started NOW!
Plan An Engagement Party

How do you plan an engagement party? Your best friend is getting married and you are in charge of the engagement party. How exciting! Don’t freak out! You got this! This is the moment to celebrate the exciting news that your friends are getting married!! Engagements are the perfect opportunity to have an amazing party at a special venue. But how do you plan such an event? Where do you start? Here are five questions to ask yourself when thinking how to plan an engagement party.

#1: Who are you planning the engagement party for? 

Before you start looking at the best engagement party rentals in Los Angeles, make sure you know who is getting married! Don’t start planning an engagement party for the happy couple before they have even decided to get married. Solidify who is getting married and then start planning your engagement party!

#2: When should we plan to have the engagement party?

The rule for planning any type of event is always the earlier the better. When you get ahead of the game, more event spaces are available. When you are crunched for time and have a specific date you ‘have to have’ you limit your options for booking the right location. Even still, with an engagement party four to six weeks should give you enough time to plan and prepare. If a larger party is desired, more time might be needed to plan this larger scale event. 

#3: How do you select a venue when you plan an engagement party?

Location is everything. Getting the right venue will make the rest of the planning that much easier. So where to have an engagement party? Are you looking for an event space rental in Los Angeles? Or are you thinking of an intimate venue by the Santa Monica beach? Are you hoping for an indoor space? Or would you prefer an outdoor venue? Decide ahead of time what the needs for this event will be and then you can start looking. Who knows? You might be needing to look for baby shower venues in Los Angeles real soon! Here are some things to look for when searching for the right engagement venue:

  • Number of Expected Guests
  • Price Range for Venue Rental 
  • Indoor or Outdoor Party Space
  • Needed Dates for Venue 

#4: What do you do at an engagement party? 

This question is simply unlimited. This should really be answered by the bride and groom. What do they like to do? What are their desires for this party? Do they want this to be a large meal with all their closest friends and family or do they want to invite the town and dance the night away (maybe save that for the wedding venue). Some options include live music, dancing, karaoke, and so much more. 

#5: Do we bring gifts when we plan the engagement party?

Gifts are always a great option! It wouldn’t hurt to have a gift table or card basket in case your guests bring a gift. But many couples choose to save gifts for the wedding registry. Instead, giving out favors to the guests who come is a really great idea. A personalized magnet with the wedding date could be given out to each guest for them to get excited for the upcoming event. Here are some other great engagement party favor ideas: 

  • Personalized Playing Cards
  • Personalized Bottle Openers 
  • Personalized Mason Jar Candles
  • Tic Tacs that say ‘Mint to Be’ 
  • Personalized Coasters 

Whatever you plan, your friends who are getting married are going to be so thankful for the party you throw! If you are the one getting married and you’re throwing the party yourself, more power to you! There are so many fun and unique event spaces to choose from! Get your venue booked so you can start planning the perfect engagement party. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you help me plan the engagement party from venue to catering? 

A: Yes, it’s what we do best. From selecting the venue to the theme, décor, and catering, we can help you throughout the entire process. 

Q: I have a specific budget in mind. Can you work within it?

A: We always aim to please. Whatever budget you have set, we will work to ensure you’re happy and on track.

Q: If I booked catering through you, can I taste the food?

A: Of course. We will always ensure we coordinate with the catering company so that you are more than satisfied with your food of choice.