5 Tips When You Choose a Location for Your Engagement Photos 
Choose a Location for Your Engagement Photos

Did you recently get engaged? Ready to take some photos? One of the hardest decisions will be where you choose a location for your engagement photos. Here are five tips to help this decision become easier.  

#1: Find a Location that Suits Your Interest and Personalities 

When you choose a location for your engagement photos, you want to make sure the location suits your interest and personalities. Look at you and your finance. Are your more fun and playful? Maybe a spot by the beach would be better for you. Are you more classy and professional? Maybe an event venue in LA would be the perfect match! Either way make sure your location matches who you both are and what you like. 

#2: Consider the Time of Day 

If you choose a location for your engagement photos that is outside, make sure you consider the time of day you will be shooting pictures. A certain location maybe look great with the sunset in the background, but if you take photos in the middle of the day, you will get harsh shadows and lose the vibe you desire. Make sure you select a time that gives you the ‘golden hours.’ These time slots are right before the sun rises and right before the sun sets. Make sure to check out your location at your desired time BEFORE your photo shoot day. 

#3: Pay Attention to the Season

When you choose a location for your engagement photos, make sure to pay attention to the season. It will be hard to take pictures in the snow (Unless of corse that is the look you are going for). When you choose a location outdoors, you have less control over the lighting and no control over the weather. So look at the patterns of the seasons in your area and plan accordingly. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a spot: 

  • Do I want my engagement photos to match the theme of my wedding? 
  • What is the theme for my wedding? 
  • How many photos are we taking? 
  • What are the shots I want to make sure we get? 

#4: Make sure the Location Suits Your Budget

Weddings are expensive! And the photography and videographer to shoot a wedding can get pretty pricey as well! When you are preparing a budget, make sure to include the engagement photos. Unless you have a friend who is a professional photographer er, you will want to hire this person to take your pictures. 

However, there are many things to pay for in your soon coming wedding. Make sure you do not break the budget for this expense. While the engagement photos are good and desired, you will want to save the big budget line items for the big day. 

#5: Make an investment on the Photographer 

Finally, when you choose a location for your engagement photos, remember that you should invest in the photographer. The venue is important; however, a good photographer can make almost any space look pretty cool. So look up a photographer who has done engagement events or wedding shoots before. Look at their work and find one that works for your budget. 

We hope this article helped give you some tips on how to find the perfect spot for your engagement photos. Here is another great article for more ideas on how to have a great shoot! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I book a venue just for engagement photos? 
Yes! You can book our engagement venue for parties & photos. Booking a venue during the day is usually much cheaper than booking during the evening, so make sure to ask around and get some good prices. 

Q: Can I book a location last-minute for my Photoshoot? 
It is best to book in advance for any event including a photoshoot. However, many venues will have openings, especially during the day, and you simply have to ask. We can put together a photoshoot in less than a week!