Live Music Venue and 4 Questions to Consider When Starting One
Live Music Venue

There's nothing like sitting and enjoying a live jazz band. Another great moment is jumping up and down while listening to your favorite rock band. Either way, have you ever considered the location? Here are four questions to consider when starting a live music venue.

#1: What is a live music venue?

A live music venue is simply a venue where music can be played by bands or artists live. This could be a large concert venue or it could also be an intimate jazz club setting. Live music venues must be zoned in their city for live music. Music venues can be great local spots where musicians and singers play on a nightly basis. These venues can also be used for parties or events hosted by the owner or rented out as well.

#2: How Would Your Venue Be Different from the Other Music Venues Nearby?

Live Music Venue
Live Music Venue

An important question to ask is, 'What makes your venue different than the one down the street?' Especially if you live in a city like Los Angeles, there are many great venues to host a live band. If you are thinking of starting a live music venue, what will make your spot stand out?

Obviously, you will need to have great musicians and singers who sound like angels. However, what atmosphere can be created simply in the venue? Maybe your venue will be known for having great food and drink along with great music. Your venue could be known for having the best staff! Your team is the kindest and most competent in town! Maybe your venue could be known for being the most beautiful spot with the best stage. Whatever it is, lean into those things that make your venue stand out.

#3: How much does it cost to start a music venue?

Depending on your location, the cost will vary. If you are located in Montana, that will look different than a venue in Los Angeles. There are two options when starting a music venue. You can either buy a new building or lease a building. If you buy the building, it will be a larger cost up front, but then you will own it. If you lease, the cost is smaller up front, but then you will have to pay your monthly rent. You will have to make that decision.

Once a building is secured, there are several other things that must be purchased. Based on the condition of your building, you will have to decide where you are starting off. Does the building have a stage? Does it need to be painted? Are there structural things that need to be changed and worked on?

Here are some needed items you will need:

  • Venue with a Stage
  • AV Tech
  • Sound Equipment
  • Lighting (the more the better)
  • Place for the Musicians
  • All the Plug Ins

#4: Why should I start a live music venue?

Live Music Venue
Live Music Venue

Do you love music? Are you a musician yourself? Have a band? All these are great reasons to start a live music venue! You can host your own music or band in your club! Another great reason is that music venues bring life to your community. You will be able to host a spot for local musicians and upcoming bands! Supporting local artists who are chasing after a dream is a beautiful thing!

A live music venue is also a great way to make income. In large cities, event rentals can be extremely expensive. You are also providing jobs to people such as vendors, venue staff, and others.

We hope this article helps you answer these questions when starting a live music venue. Here is another great article to help answer some of these questions. Go make some music!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring an outside band into an event rental space?
Yes! Most event rental spaces that have the right sound equipment and AV tech are able to simply have a band plug into their equipment.

Q: How do I know if my building is zoned for live music?
If you look at your city zoning, you will be able to find out if your building or area is zoned for live music or not.