Trends in the Event Industry
Trends in the event industry

Looking to host an event? Here are some trends in the event industry that you will want to keep your eye on to keep your next party looking up to date.

#1: Technology in event management

One of the trends in the event industry is technology in event management. Most guests will be using their smart phone to get to all events. Whether they find an event on social media or they sign up to attend an event through a website like Eventbrite, most guests will be finding your event through some sort of digital source.

Unless your event is an invite only list, even still there are so many digital platforms for guests to find an event. Even on event venues in Los Angeles or event booking, most people will find the location for their party while searching online. Even word of mouth, which is the best form of marketing, will lead people to search for the recommended location online first before they ever check it out in person.

If you are an event coordinator or event planner, you must stay up to date with technology in the event management side to keep up to date with what is happening.

#2: Virtual Reality for Events

One of the most popular trends in the event industry right now is using virtual reality to entertain your guests. There are many companies that can provide a virtual reality element for your next party. There are some companies that can help an entire virtual reality experience for your guests. Our friends at the Piovra Group have hosted many events with such an experience in some of their locations that you can check out here.

#3: Social media event promotion

Another trend in the event industry is promoting your event on social media. Thirty years ago the person hosting the event would prepare invitations out and send those invites to the friends and family invited to the event. Today, there are so many different platforms you can use to collect RSVP from your guests.

If you are hosting a party where you want as many guests to come as possible, using social media platforms such as twitter, instagram, and tiktok can drastically help the sales of tickets by raising awareness about your event. When looking for a venue for holiday parties or branding events, sometimes social media can be a very helpful tool.

#4:Security for events

Many clients are wanting security for their events. A new trend in the event industry is to make sure that there are adequate amount of security guards and even cameras available inside the venues. Most venues will actually require guests to have a certain amount of security guards for their event based on the number of expected guests.

Make sure to ask the staff about the event rental space you are booking to see what those requirements are for your event. Security is never a bad option. Even if the price is high, the price is higher if something happens to your guests due to a lack of adequate security.

We hope this article helps you see some of the new trends in the event industry. Here is another great article to help you prepare for your next event. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many security guards to I need at my event?
The number of needed security guards will depend on your estimated guest count as well as the venue of your choice. Typically 100 guests will need anywhere between 2-3 security guards.

Q: Why do I have to pay a cleaning fee?
The cleaning fee covers the actual cleaning of the building after your event is over. Most venues still require you to remove and take down anything you brought in to the venue. When you arrive for your event, the venue should be clean and ready for you to go.