5 Event Venues That will Surprise Your Attendees 
Event Venues That Will Surprise

Planning to host an event? How to find the best venue for your event? Why opt for an unusual event venue? Well, besides the shock and awe factor, choosing a unique venue will help your event stand out to your guests. The best locations get taken the fastest. Venue selection is important to serve the best purpose according to your event. Here are five venues that will surprise your guests and why you should choose such a location!

#1: Old Historic Buildings

One of the greatest event venues that will surprise your attendees are old historic buildings. Have you ever been to an old historic home? Maybe you’ve visited an old nightclub? The stories these walls could tell. There is so much character in the walls of old architecture. Each room has a life of its own and could tell so many stories. 

What a perfect place for your next event. There are some old nightclubs that are now concert venues in Los Angeles. These are the perfect ‘diamond in the rough’ locations to find a unique venue that will surprise your guests in a good way. 

#2: Outdoor Parks

When choosing event venues that will surprise your guests, an outdoor park can sometimes be the most cost-efficient for your next event. Many parks will allow you to reserve a spot for a smaller gathering on a first-come first-serve basis. However, if you are planning a wedding or something as large as that, an outdoors park can be the perfect spot to capture magnificent pictures. 

If you live in a city with historic parks, this might be a good option to distinguish yourself from other events. Here are some questions to ask before you book a location like this:

  • Is there parking for guests? 
  • Will I have to rent all tables and furniture? 
  • Have there been any events like mine before? What did they do? 
  • What happens if the weather is not ideal? 

#3: Museums 

Art galleries and museums can be such beautiful locations for your next event. Depending on the reason for your event, these types of spaces can have a modern and elegant feel for your guests. 

When choosing a venue like a museum, you really don’t have to add any decorations. In fact, let the art pieces speak for themselves. If you can find a museum that somehow matches the purpose of your event, even better! 

Make sure to check with the event staff before you sign any contracts to make sure you can do what you would need to do at your event. If you are wanting to serve food and alcohol, make sure that is allowed. However, you would be surprised, many museums have a whole room dedicated to renting out for events. 

#4: Farm Venue

Gardens and farm venues can be simply beautiful for events. When you think of a farm, maybe you think of pigs and cows. Instead, think of beautiful almond trees in full bloom. You could also think of a pumpkin patch in the fall. These options create incredible pictures and beautiful scenery for a wedding or birthday party venue

When looking for film rental locations in Los Angeles or birthday party opportunities, look for a farm venue if the theme is related to outdoors, flowers, or woodsy scenery. 

#5: Old Warehouse

Industrial spaces and warehouses can be such a great and unique spot for an event. Many of these types of locations will have exposed brick or high beams that look elegant for a wedding or birthday party. 

Most of these locations are cleared out for larger events. With these types of locations, there is much more room to create what you have in your mind. The down side would be that you most likely will have to rent tables and furniture, but it can be totally worth it. 

We hope this article helped you see the opportunity in choosing a unique venue for your next event. Check out this article here for some more ideas. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens if my unique location gets rained out? 
Always have a plan B when booking an outdoor location. There are so many different types of venues for your event. Make sure to ask the event staff for the secondary options that may be inside. 

Q: Why opt for an unusual event venue? 
Why not! There are so many good spots to book for an event rental. However, choosing a unique event venue will make your event stand out to your guests. It also creates beautiful photo opportunities that you do not have to set up. It will keep your event on their minds.