Planning an Engagement Party: Everything You Need to Know
Engagement Party

Did you just get engaged? Want to have an engagement party? Here are four reminders to help you plan the best engagement party. 

#1: When planning an engagement party, remember to find a great venue! 

Your location is very important! If you choose a great party venue in Los Angeles, everything else will run much smoother. You want the event venue to support what you are doing, not go against it. 

Do your homework and research many spots in your area. Once you find a couple that you like and are in your budget, make sure to check it out in person. Sometimes a rental venue space can look very different in person than in pictures or even video. Get your venue booked so you can start planning the perfect engagement party.

#2: When planning an engagement party, remember to hire good vendors. 

Depending on what you are planning to do at your engagement party, make sure to higher vendors who will help make your party a success. Most venues will have a list of preferred vendors they like to use because they know the spot and have used them before. Make sure to ask the engagement party venues Los Angeles staff for this list once you book a location. 

Here is a list of vendors you might want to hire: 

  • Party planner
  • Photo Booth
  • Bartenders
  • Food Caterers 
  • Furniture Rentals

#3: When planning an engagement party, remember to plan some things to do. 

At every party, there should always be some kind of agenda. Whether you are going to make some toasts, play some games, or simply dance the night away, make sure to have a game plan of what you would like to do at your event. 

When planning an engagement party, there are so many creative elements you could add to make the night a success. You could include some opportunities for people to share stories about the happy couple. Another idea is to have a photo booth available for your guests and choose a good backdrop & scenic location for your engagement photos. If the couple is more lively, choose a theme for the night and have everyone dress up!  

#4: When planning an engagement party, remember your wedding is coming! 

At the end of the day, the engagement party is to point to the big day. Unless you are made of money, remember that most of your budget will be spent on the wedding ceremony and the reception. You might want to choose to have a smaller, low-key engagement party so you can celebrate big at the wedding! 

We hope this article helps you plan your engagement party. Here is another great article to help you throw a great event. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What is an engagement party?
An engagement party is simply a gathering of your friends and family to celebrate the future bride and groom on their new engagement. This is usually a smaller party than the wedding. 

Q: What happens at an engagement party?
The future bride and groom can choose to do what they want at their engagement party. Some ideas include dancing, playing party games, eating a meal together, and sharing some toasts.