3 Questions When Choosing Venues for a Baby Shower
venues for a baby shower

Venues for a baby shower can be hard to find. You don't want it to be too big or grand for such an intimate event; however, you want it to be beautiful and memorable for the future mom and upcoming bundle of joy. Here are 3 questions to ask when searching for the perfect venue.

venues for a baby shower

What is the best type of venues for a baby shower?

There are so many different types of venues for a baby shower. The sky is the limit! This really depends on the 'mom-to-be' and what her desires are for this event. Many people opt to have a baby shower in someone's home. This is a great option (and cheaper) if your shower is going to be for 30 guests or less. If you start to go over that number, most homes start to feel pretty tight.

Outdoor Venue: Outdoor venues are always a great spot for a shower. If there is some kind of patio area where tables can be set up, this is a great option. Waterfalls, flowers, and the great outdoors all make for a specific nature vibe that many people desire. Keep in mind the weather can put a dampen on any outdoor venue; however, the backdrop for all your pictures will be incredible if you choose the right spot.

Indoor Venue: There are so many indoor venue possibilities. Simply hosting the event in a private room at a restaurant is an easy option. Renting out a room from an event space is going to be your best option where you will have the most privacy and freedom to make it your own. If you choose to rent a venue, make sure you have enough time to set everything up. You will also want to make sure the room is not too big.

Most venues for baby showers will already have the furniture you need for your event. Depending on your set up, you will want to ask the event staff what is available with your package. Ask all the questions you can before you sign a contract or make a deposit so you are not surprised by anything on the day of the event.

venues for a baby shower

What do I need from an event space for my baby shower?

Before you search for an event space, you will want to decide what to do at the baby shower. Will you be eating a meal or just snacks? Do you envision a time to open presents? Will there be games involved where running around is needed or simple table games? This will help you navigate what kind of space you will need.

When selecting a venue, you will want to ensure the room you are looking at is the right size for the number of guests you are expecting. Too big and your event will feel lame. Too small and your guests will feel uncomfortable. Most baby showers float between 50 and 100 guests.

Here are some things you will want to ask the event staff about when you visit the location. None of these items are deal breakers, but you will want to know before paying for a space. For example, if a venue does not have round tables, you can always rent these out, but it will be an additional cost.

  • Round tables
  • Chairs (Chair Covers)
  • Area to Open Presents
  • Caterer Rules
  • Outside Vendor Rules
  • Furniture
  • Venue Staff

How do I personalize venues for a baby shower?

Choose a Theme

A theme is going to help you pull all the elements of your event into one cohesive experience. You could choose a color to guide your event or you could choose something much more complex. Either way, a theme can help guide your decisions for decorations, food, and even the gifts you receive. Choose wisely.

Here are a few great baby shower theme ideas:

  • A little Cutie (with an orange)
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Twinkle Sprinkle
  • Nautical Theme
  • Dinosaurs
  • Whimsical Wildflower
  • Oh Baby
  • Bottles Up Baby
  • Baby in Bloom
  • Safari Baby

Use Pictures to Make It Personal

If you are concerned that an event space will feel cold and generic, simply add some photos to the mix! Add some photos of the mom and dad to the decoration plan! Based on your theme, you can also add photos of whatever you choose for that. For example, if your theme is 'Pretty in Pink,' adding pink balloons to the space will add a pop of color!

You can also add a photo booth or a backdrop option to your event. People love to take pictures! Add a little decoration based on the theme and you will have guests taking pictures with the future mom throughout the whole shower.

Decorations are Key!

There are so many fun ideas to decorate for a baby shower. Most venues for a baby shower will not need too many decorations; however, decorations add life to the party! They enhance the theme and add great value. There are a ton of different things you could do for decorations. The key is to choose the right things.

You can't do it all! If you try to do a hundred options, they will all probably look subpar. Choose 3 to 4 things you would like to do and run with those options! Here are some things that can really make a different at a baby shower.

Balloons. Balloons go a long way. Having a balloon arch in the entrance or a few balloons at each table can really add a 'pop.'

Table Decorations: Depending on the setup of the room, you will want the tables to be beautiful, uniform, and theme-driven. Consider the color of the tablecloths. You will also need to decide the centerpiece for each table. Choosing something taller for the middle will help add dimension to each spot. This is also a good place where you can put some simple games for the guests to do on their own.

Diaper Raffle: While this is not your typical decoration, make sure to have a diaper raffle! If you are hosting the event, make sure at least one person creates a 'diaper cake.' These always look so fun and add a fun element to your event. Then all the diapers that are brought can be added to the original diaper cake. It's a really fun addition. On top of that, your mom-to-be leaves with a TON of diapers!

We hope this blog helps you on your search for great baby shower venues. Here is another great article to help you in your process. Happy planning!

venues for a baby shower

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I'm having my first child soon. When should I have a baby shower?
You can have a baby shower whenever you want! You're in charge! However, most people like to have their shower around the 7-month mark. This gives you enough to organize all your new gifts!

Q: How many people should I prepare to come to my baby shower?
If you are renting an event space, then your shower is probably over 30 people. Most people who rent a space for a baby shower are expecting between 50 and 100 people to come.