Indoor vs. Outdoor Event Venues: How to Pick the Right Event Plan Option
How to Pick the Right Event Plan Option

Planning an event can be difficult. One of the most important decisions is the event space rental. Where do you want to have your event? How to find your next event venue? Whether you want an indoor or outdoor event venue? Here are 4 questions to ask on how to pick the right event plan option.

#1: What type of event are you planning?

When you are looking for how to pick the right event plan option, you must consider what kind of event is taking place. Is this a wedding where the bride wants to be outdoors? Is this a graduation party where the guests want to stay late? There are so many different types of events so make sure you know the purpose of the event you are planning. When planning a social event venue, you can go for an outdoor venue & for corporate conferences, an indoor event works best.

Things to Consider for an Indoor Party Rental:

  • Guest Count
  • Furniture Available
  • Lighting Effects Possible
  • Sound Equipment
  • Parking
  • Media Additions

Things to Consider for an Outdoor Party Rental:

  • Seating for Guests
  • Weather
  • Rain Forecast
  • Lighting Limitations
  • Sound Struggles
  • Bathrooms

#2: When is the event taking place?

When brainstorming how to pick the right event option, whether indoor or outdoor venue, one of the greatest questions to ask is when the event will actually take place. What season is your event going to take place? An aligning question would be in what city is the event going to take place. A summer day in Las Vegas looks very different than a winter evening in Toronto.

The greatest pro for an outdoor event is that the beautiful outdoor scenery is unmatched to anything that can be created indoors. The perfect sunset, gorgeous almond blossoms, or a flowery field are all desirable options. However, when opting for an outdoor event there are so many natural variables that come into play: weather, wind, loud noises, animals, etc.

Questions to ask about when the event is taking place:

  • Spring, summer, fall, or winter?
  • What is the temperature during the chosen season?
  • What are the chances of rain?
  • What are the chances of snow?
  • Is it a noisy environment? Can the sounds be controlled?

#3: What is the budget for this event?

When selecting how to pick the right event option, both indoors and outdoors will be a financial investment for your event. Make sure to select your budget for your event. There are some amazing venues that have an outdoor and indoor options which is a great option for events like a wedding where a reception and service are needed. However, most events won't need multiple options.

Whether you are planning your own event or you are an event planner, make sure to know what the budget is going to be for the event when you are looking at how to pick the right event plan option. You will also need to know how much is set aside specifically for the venue and location. Once you have a number, do your research. Check out a bunch of different options that have an outdoor and indoor venue. Sometimes you will be surprised at how beautiful an indoor venue in Los Angeles can be.

#4: What feel do we want for this event?

When you are making a final decision on how to pick the right event option for your next gathering, it's important to ask yourself what feel you want. If you have a vision, make that reality come to life! At the same, give yourself some flexibility to be surprised by what is available in the event space rental world. There are so many beautiful venues!

Are you looking for a jazz night feel? Then you will want to pick an indoor spot where you can have live music and enjoy a night with your friends. If you are looking to have a woodland feel with moss and flowers cascading from an arch, then you might want to find an outdoor location. You get to decide!

We hope this article helped you how to pick the right event plan option. Both have pros and cons! Here is another great article to help you make your decision. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between indoor & outdoor event space?
An indoor space is an indoor event venue located inside a building and typically does not have an outdoor option. This space typically would have controlled air condition or heat, lighting, and sound. An outdoor event space is a designated space you can rent in the outdoors that has been set up by a certain company or owner for you to host an event outdoors.

Q: What are the things to consider when looking for an indoor venue for your event?
: There are many things to consider on how to pick the right event plan option. For an outdoor venue, make sure to think about the season, the weather, the environment, and the seating. For an indoor environment, make sure to consider the available sound and lighting, the proper seating, and the overall feel.

Q: What are the cons of an outdoor event?
While outdoor events can be beautiful, they also can come with a handful of challenges. In an outdoor space, you are unable to control the weather, the lighting, and typically the sound. Wind is something that can ruin an outdoor event pretty quick. Indoor events provide more control.