4 Steps to Finding the Ideal Location for Your Festive Celebration
ideal location

An ideal location can be hard to find for your next event. Whether you are hosting a birthday party or an anniversary party, finding the perfect spot is crucial to your big day. Here are four things to consider when choosing the right venue for you.

ideal location

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Ideal Location

Here are four things you will need to consider when choosing the right venue for your event.

Set a Budget.

Before you even start looking at venues, make sure to determine how much you are willing to spend on your event. Your location and your food will probably be your biggest ticket items. Make sure you do not go cheap on the venue. A great location can make a great event later. It will also save you money on marketing and decor if you pick a great spot.

You will not want to look at places that are outside of your budget. No need to fall in love with a location that you (or your client) cannot afford. Make sure to set a budget and stick to those numbers!

Do Your Research.

There are so many rental spots in your area. Whether you are looking for a spot by the beach or venue rentals in Los Angeles, there are so many locations to choose from. A simple google search will show you many spots. Don't forget to look at Google Reviews and Yelp to see the guest experience at each location. Another great option is to ask friends and family as to where they have booked successful events.

Visit the Venue in Person.

Before ever booking a venue, make sure to visit the site in person. Even the b+est spots can hide many things in pictures and videos. You want to go to the space in person so you are not surprised on the day of the event when you arrive. Every venue is going to have some kind of down size, so you will want to know what that is before signing any contracts or paying a deposit.

Book Early.

The earlier you book a venue, the better. When you reserve a location in advance, there are usually more dates available and sometimes the venue staff might even give you a discount for booking early. While it is possible to plan an event last-minute, more venues will be available (and it will be less stressful) if you book in advance.

ideal location

Tips for Planning a Festive Celebration

Once you have booked the ideal location for your next event, there are some other tips you should consider to make the night unforgettable.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme will help navigate many decisions in your festive celebration. If you are looking at a holiday party, choosing a theme will help guide your decorations. If you are choosing a theme color, that will help navigate the lights and even what people should wear.

Select Great Vendors

There are so many great vendors to choose from. Don't try and do everything on your own. Great vendors will make your event that much better! Most venues have a list of preferred vendor which they have used in the past in their space. Ask about that list especially if you have selected a great location.

Capture the Moment!

Don't forget to hire a photography and videographer. These people will help you capture the best moments from your festive party. Another great option is to share a hashtag with your guests. That way you can collect all the shared photos on social media. Finally, don't forget a great photo booth. Everyone loves taking pictures of themselves. If everyone is already dressed up, why not have a photo booth of some kind?

Don't Forget about the Amenities and Facilities

When you book the ideal location, you will want to find out what is available with your purchase. Every venue is different so here are some questions you can ask the venue staff:

  • What furniture is included?
  • What is my load in and load out time?
  • What are your preferred vendors?
  • What in-house team is included with this package?
  • What rooms are available to me?
  • What lighting and sound is included? Can we change the color of lights?
  • What video availability is included?

These are all questions you can ask before or after you sign the contract to book your event. You will want to know all these things so you can plan the perfect party!

We hope this article helps you put together your next event. Good luck at finding the right spot for you. Here is another great article to help you find the right venue. Happy planning!

ideal location

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I find a holiday rental near me?
There are probably many rental spaces near you. A simple google search can help you find all the rental spots in your area.

Q: What if I am hosting a corporate event in Los Angeles?
You can host a corporate event at any event spaces just like a private party. Make sure to ask the event staff if they are able to accommodate for your specific needs.