4 Questions to Ask When Looking at Different Types of Venues
Looking for a Venue

So you are hosting an event? You’re probably so excited! It’s going to be a great day! Choosing a great location is one of the best decisions you will make to ensure your party is a success. Ask some important questions when selecting an event venue. Here are four questions to ask when looking for a venue.  

Question #1: What are the different types of venues?

When you are looking for a venue, you will find that there are all different types of venues. You will find venues where you can rent a space at the beach, you can host a party indoors on the second floor and you can even rent the rooftop of some places to watch the sunset. Some spots are downtown while others are in the country. There are so many different types of venues to choose from. Here are a few different types of venues to look at as you begin your search for the perfect location:

  • Outdoor Venues
  • Indoor Venues
  • Beach Venues
  • Venue with a Restaurant
  • Box Venues (you bring everything)
  • Venues with an in-house staff
  • Venue with an outdoor and indoor space

    Make sure to ask all the important questions while selecting a venue & for the additional costs so you can make a wise and informed decision.

Question #2: Why are venues important for an event?

Location. Location. Location.

I’m sure you’ve heard this mantra stated before. But it is true! Your location is so important. You could have a great event, but if it’s in a bad location, it will be seen as a bad event. Having the right location will help set the tone for your event. It will create the desired environment you are looking for. The right location will help enhance the theme for the event, make the decorations look better, and provide a spot for your guests to truly enjoy the event.

Here are some things to ask about when looking for a venue:

  • Parking
  • Extra Fees
  • Load In and Out Times
  • In-House Staff
  • Walk-throughs leading up to the event
  • Types of Decorations Allowed
  • Available Furniture
  • Available AV equipment
  • Bathrooms

Question #3: Why do venues have different pricing?

Just like a home, every venue is different. When you are looking for a venue, each space will have a limit to how many people they can host and what they can provide. Due to these different things, the cost can fluctuate. Concert venues in Los Angeles might be a different price than corporate events near me.  

Some of the factors that play into the price could be the time of year or the day of the week. Typically Friday and Saturday are the most expensive days to rent a venue. Having said that, get married on a Tuesday! Better deals!

Another factor that goes into the pricing could be the availability of the venue. If a venue is completely booked and you are wanting to squeeze in a date last minute, the rate is going to be much. However, if you are booking way in advance, most likely you will get a better deal. The earlier you can plan the better!

There are many things that go into the price of the location when looking for a venue. Most reputable locations will not have a one-set price for everyone; instead, the booking department will work with each client to see what is the best price for them.

Here are some factors that go into the pricing of a venue:

  • Number of People at the Event
  • Time Needed in Event
  • Number of Days
  • Type of Event
  • Time of the Day
  • Day of the Week
  • Month of the Year

Question #4: How do I know which venue is best for me?

There are several things to remember when you are booking a venue. Before you even start shopping, make sure to set your budget. The amount you can spend will determine what type of venues you will even look at. Whether you are looking for a music venue or a birthday party spot, you will need to set your price. This will eliminate many options right from the start.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best venue for your next event is to make sure the spot has what you need. Does the venue have enough seats for your party? Is there enough space for the dance floor? Can they accommodate the needs of the event?  Answering these questions will help you decide which venue is best.

We hope this article helps you to find the perfect location for your next event. Here is another article to help you make some decisions on the venue as your event gets closer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What typically comes with most venues?
Every venue is going to be very different. There are certain things that most venues should provide their clients: in-house staff of some sort, bathrooms, parking options, load in and load out time, and AV equipment are some of the things most venues provide.

Q: Can I still book a venue last minute?
There are always going to be venues who are open to last minute bookings; however, they will only be available if they are not already booked. So you might have to do a little more research and have less nonnegotiable for your event when it comes to your venue if you are booking last minute.

Q: What is the process to book a venue?
After you have found the perfect venue, make sure to take a walk-through in the space. Sometimes videos and pictures do not represent the space well. When you want to move forward, most venues will provide a contract for you to sign along with a down payment to reserve the date. Before the day of your event, you. will be expected to pay the amount in full.