5 Tips on How to Plan a Music Festival Event
Plan a Music Festival Event

You are in charge of planning a music festival event. Don't panic! You can do this. There are several things to remember when planning a concert event. Here are five tips to help you plan a music festival event.

Tip #1: Stick to the Budget.

Whether you are hosting an event for yourself or you have been hired by a music group, you will need to set a budget for this event. When you plan a music festival event, there are many expenses that will go into this one day. Make a rough estimate on how much you think different needed items will cost and set a budget.

You will need to know where the money is coming from, who is signing contracts, and who is actually paying the bills. Musicians, performers, and venues will need all of those things up front before the big day.

Here is a list of things to add to your budget:

  • Bands
  • Venue
  • Extra Fees
  • Vendors
  • Caterers
  • Bar Service
  • Decorations
  • Parking
  • Promotion

Tip #2: Decide Who is Performing.

Obviously, one of the most important things when you plan a music festival event is who will actually be playing the music! Make sure to secure the artists and performers well in advance. It wouldn’t hurt to have some backup options in case your first choice is unavailable.

You will need to decide if there will be one main performer or if there will be a group of several bands and musicians. Sometimes the more budget-friendly idea is to have several great bands, instead of one superstar.

Tip #3: Find the Perfect Location.

One of the most important decisions you will make is where the event will take place. When you search ‘music venue near me’ you will need to make sure the venue has everything you need for your certain event. For example, you will want to make sure the venue you choose has all the AV tech you need. You can always add on to the base, but you really don’t want to start from scratch. That will be very costly. You also will need some kind of stage. Make sure to look for a venue with a stage provided.

When you plan a music festival event, here are a few questions to ask:

  • How many people am I expecting?
  • Is there a stage?
  • How much space does the band need?
  • What time can we get in for a sound check and set up?
  • Is the event space zoned for live music?

Tip #4: Promote the Event.

At the end of the day, when you plan a music festival event, you will need an audience. Who is coming to the event? At least one month out from the big day you need to start promoting the event. Send out an invite via email. Sell tickets or include an RSVP of some sort so you can guess how many people you are expecting for this event. Promote this event on all your social media accounts. Ask your fans to like, comment, and share the posts to gain more engagement. Engagement equals views!

Here are few ways to help you promote your event:

  • Email Blast
  • Social Media Post
  • Social Media Stories
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Mail Flyers
  • Hang Posters
  • Word of Mouth
  • Social Media Ads

Tip #5: Have fun!

At the end of the day, make sure to have a great time! This is a music festival after all. Once you have planned and prepared, make sure to sit back and listen to the music! Don’t rush through the whole day without enjoying your hard work of preparation and planning.

Everything that can be done before the day of the event, do it before the day of the event. That way when the big day comes, you are only doing what is needed. Most of that will simply be troubleshooting unforeseen circumstances.

We hope this article gave you some helpful tips on how to plan a music festival event. For more information, check out this other great article here. You can always contact us at Brickroom LA to help book and plan your next event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a successful music festival event?
A successful music festival event needs to have a great music and a great venue to play in. Those are the two crucial pieces you will need to get set before you can move on with the planning.

Q: What items are needed on a checklist for planning a music festival?
The main things for a music festival are to choose a place, choose the performers, and promote the event. Decide how much you are willing to spend and go for it!

Q: How do you start planning for a music festival event?
The easiest way to get started on how to plan a music festival event is to simply do some research. Look up other music festival events happening in your area. Search for music venue near me. This will be a great beginning to your planning.