5 Tips on How to Propose at the Perfect Venue
How to Propose at the Perfect Venue

So you want to propose to your girlfriend this season? The venue you choose will be one of the most important decisions. We have five tips for you on how to propose at the perfect venue.

Tip #1: Find a Spot Good for Photos.

When you are looking how to propose at the perfect venue, make sure to select a location that is good for pictures. Most likely, you will plan to have a photographer or videographer of some sort to capture this special moment. Forever people will ask for the details of this special proposal, so make sure to spend some time planning it out.

Here are some questions to ask when thinking about photos:

  • Is there good lighting?
  • Can I get the right angles?
  • Does my budget cover a photographer?
  • How many pictures do I want?

Tip #2: Find a Spot in Your Price Range.

When you are looking how to propose at the perfect venue, make sure to select a budget for the venue. You may have the perfect spot at the beach or an outdoor park; however, if you are looking to rent a space make sure you create a budget for that expense.

Remember, you still have a whole wedding to plan if she says yes! However, you still want to make this a special moment. Do your research. Look for different venues for events so you can see what is available. Try to book the venue as far out in advance as you can.

Another tip would be to schedule the proposal on an off day or time. Most venues have hot days like Fridays or Saturdays. These are typically always booked. Try planning the proposal on a Monday or Tuesday night instead. You could even opt for an off time. Maybe surprise her by taking her to lunch and doing the proposal then. If the location is an indoor venue, you can control the lighting at any time of the day.

Tip #3: Find a Location with a Staff Who Cares.  

If you choose to rent a venue space, credible venues will have some kind of in-house team. When booking an event, look for a staff who seems to actually care about you. Obviously, the staff won’t know you personally. But it’s your engagement! Find a team that will care about what’s happening and goes above and beyond for you!

Tip #4:  Find a Spot Where You Can Set Everything Up.

Depending on how you plan to propose the perfect venue, you will need time to set everything up. In creating a contract with an event rental space, make sure to add a load-in time before your event. If you plan on being in a space for two hours for the actual proposal, make sure to add on several hours before that time so you can make sure everything is ready.

Here are some things that might need to be set up when you plan how to propose at the perfect venue:

  • Candles
  • White or Red Runner
  • Flowers
  • Signs
  • Dinner
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Where the Proposal will Take Place
  • Where Your Guests Will Be

We hope this article gave you several tips on how to propose at the perfect venue. Here is another great article to help you on your big day. Now on to wedding planning! We have another article for that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I start looking for an event space in Los Angeles?
A: There are many great spots to book in Los Angeles. Start by choosing a neighborhood you want your event to be located in. Do you want a space in Hollywood? Century City? Culver City? Our location is in the Miracle Mile District. You can always reach out to Brickroom LA for a quote.

Q: What are some concert venues in Los Angeles?
There are many concert venues in LA. The Wiltern is a very popular spot where big musicians play located on Wilshire Boulevard. The El Ray Theater is also a very popular spot. Our location is a great music venue for smaller private events for 100-200 people.

Q: I’m looking for music venues for events. Where is the best place to look?
We work with a company called the Piovra Group that has many great event spaces all over Los Angeles County. You can also do a Google search for ‘venues for events’ or ‘music venue near me.’