Christmas Party: 4 Easy Steps To Plan A Great Holiday Event
Holiday Party Venues

So you're planning the Christmas party? Here are 4 easy steps to plan your holiday event. Don't let the holidays make you crazy! It's time to get to planning.

How to Organize a Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Whether you are planning a personal Christmas party for your family or a corporate holiday event for the office, here are some simple steps that will help you plan an amazing event for everyone.

1. Choose a Date.

Your first job as the party planner is to select a date. When is your event going to take place? Is it going to be a party at the office or is it going to be on a weekend in the evening? Choosing a date will help you plan all the rest of the details needed. Talk to your team (or your family) and choose a date.

2. Secure the Location.

The second thing you will need to decide is where your holiday party is going to take place. Is this an office gathering where you will do a simple white elephant. Or are you looking for an event rental space where you can have an actual party?

If you are looking for a private event venue, the earlier you start planning the better. Many times even venues will give you some kind of deal for booking early. You can also get good rates by choosing a date Monday through Thursday. These are all tips to help you stay in your company budget.

3. Select Your Vendors.

Once you have decided your date and location, you will need to decide who your vendors are going to be. Most venues will allow you to bring outside vendors. Some spaces only allow their in-house team so make sure you ask before booking a venue. Most venues will have a preferred list of vendors they have used in the past. Always ask about those companies.

Based on what you will be doing, will determine what vendors you need. Most parties have some kind of cater and bartending service. Some clients like to hire an event planner or coordinator to help their event run smoothly. Other options include a decorator, balloon arch creators, and photo booths.

Christmas Party

Here is a list of vendors you might need:

  • Catering
  • Bartending
  • Photo Booth
  • Balloon Arch / Decorations
  • Event Planner / Coordinator
  • Light Up Letters
  • Desserts
  • Entertainment

4. Invite the Guests.

Once all these details are confirmed, it's time to make your guest list. Decide who will be invited to your Christmas party. You will need to decide what coworkers are being invited to the event (hopefully all of them!) Once you have this list created, create an invitation and send it away! To save on costs, send out a simple e-vite. This saves on postage and will result in an automatic response from most people. Most online invite sites also send automatic reminders the week of your event.

Choosing a Christmas party theme

One thing that will help you plan your Christmas party is selecting a party theme for your event. A theme will help navigate all other decisions for your party. The decorations, food choices, music, and even costumes can all follow the theme of the party.

If you are having a Great Gatsby inspired holiday event, your decorations can be big white feather and pearls. People can dress up in a 20s vintage look. Your colors can be gold and white. Even the food can be fancy and line up with the event. You see how a theme can really add some flare to your event.

Christmas Party

Here are some fun festive themes to choose from:

  • Great Gatsby
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Red & Green
  • Whoville Land
  • Blue Icicles
  • Gifts and Presents

What to do at my Christmas party?

What will the guests do at your party? There are so many fun ideas to keep guests occupied at your event. A live band is always a party favorite. You can also provide different photo ops especially if your guests are getting dressed up.

Party games are always a favorite for Christmas events. A white elephant exchange or secret Santa are always fun to do. You could even to Christmas movie trivia games. Christmas Karaoke keeps the guests involved and entertained. What are some other fun party games you have discovered?

We hope you found this article to help you plan your next Christmas party. Here is another great article to help your brainstorming juices flow! Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Am I able to bring my own catering?
Most venues will allow you to bring your own vendors. Make sure to ask upon inquiry to see if the venue in question allows outside vendors or not.

Q: If a venue does not have parking is that a deal breaker?
It really depends on the event you are having and the amount of people. Some venues have parking available. Some venues will have paid parking, but you can always encourage your guests to ride share as well.